Meals and Restaurants in Tibet
To travel safely and healthy through Tibet, food is very important to prevent unnecessary illness or trouble in the middle of a wonderful trip. We always suggest that our clients choose the restaurant carefully and eat light meals on the day of their first arrival in Lhasa.
Food: Traditional Tibetan food is quite basic, and stems from the staples of barley and yak products. The most common main dishes are Tsampa (roasted barley flour, yak butter and tea mixed into a dough), Momos (steamed dumplings filled with meat or vegetables), and Thugpa (a noodle stew with meat and/or vegetables). Tsampa is an aquired taste – ask your guide to show you how Tsampa is mixed with tea in a bowl. Momos are extremely moreish, and Thugpa is great comfort food. A special treat (with a slightly acquired taste), if you are lucky enough to find fresh yogurt has a supreb taste, which nomads make from yak milk.

You will also probably be offered Tibetan tea at some point; a salty tea made of yak butter, milk, salt and tea leaves. While Tibetans love it, it is an acquired taste for most foreigners. Tibetans are very hospitable and will serve you tea continuously. You are welcome to take a sip or two out of respect but the host will keep refilling your cup. It is also OK to ask for hot water or sweat tea if butter tea is not to your liking.

There are just a few Tibetan restaurants specializing in local fare, and the further you go from Lhasa, the less traditional food you will find. Most restaurants in Tibet are Chinese, and serve spicy Sichuan-style dishes.The food is hot and many dishes are stir-fried, eliminating most safety concerns. Most restaurants are safe to eat in, but if it looks deserted, dirty, or you just feel uncomfortable, you should probably seek another option.

Guesthouses catering to backpackers and the occasional hostel or hip restaurant will offer a western breakfast menu of pancakes with honey and bananas, yogurt or cereal. Otherwise, most hotels will serve a Chinese-style breakfast, including steamed dumplings, eggs-boiled or scrambled with tomoatoes, hot veggies, a bland form of rice-pudding and tea.

Vegetarians will have no trouble finding vegetable, noodle and tofu dishes in Chinese restaurants. While you may get tired of the same dishes over and over, you are bound to find a favorite; whether it be spicy eggplant, fried green beans or spicy tofu (watch out for tofu and meat combinations).


Water: Tap water is not considered safe for drinking for most Westerners, but is fine for brushing your teeth with. We recommend purchasing bottled water, bringing purification tablets or boiling your own water if trekking. Note: There are no recycling facilities in Tibet, so please be mindful of your waste. You may be able to save your plastic bottles and turn them in at a convenience store, where they have a slightly better chance of being carted off to a landfill or the rare recycling plant in China. It is out most important to maintain the Tibetan environment for our future generations.

Below we have selected some best restaurant that serves very good dished with wide-range option of Tibetan, Nepalis and Indian food.
Third Eye Restaurant
  The Third Eye Restaurant is located in Shigatse,
Shigatse Wordo Kitchen
  Shigatse Wordo Kitchen is located at the heart of
Tashi Restaurant
Tashi restaurant is located in Shigatse, Tibet. It is one
Songtsen Tibetan Restaurant
Songtsen Tibetan Restaurant is located in Shigatse, Tibe
Woeser Zedroe Tibetan Restaurant
  The Woeser Zedroe Tibetan Restaurant is located
Po Ba Tsang Restaurant
Po Ba Tsang Restaurant is located in Lhasa. It is one
Kyichu Restaurant
This is one of the best restaurant in Lhasa. The restaur
Tashi I Restaurant
There are two Tashi Restaurant in Lhasa- Tashi 1 and Tas
Lhasa Namaste Restaurant
Lhasa Namaste Restaurant serves Tibetan, Nepalese,
Snowland Restaurant
The Snowland Restaurant is located in Lhasa which is t
Mayke Ame Restaurant
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Dunya Restaurant
  One of the best places to eat in Lhasa is Dunya re
Tibetan Family Kitchen
Tibetan family kitchen is located at Lhasa city. The restaur
House of Shambhala Restaurant
The House of Shambhala Restaurant is located at heart of Lha
Lhasa Kitchen
It is located right in front of the Jokhang temple
Ancestral Forbidden City Restaurant
Ancestral Forbidden City Restaurant 山南市先祖故都藏餐
Chongqing Xiaolongkan Old Hot Pot (Shannan Branch)
Chongqing Xiaolongkan Old Hot Pot (Shannan Branch) 重庆
Four Seasons Garden Eco Café
Four Seasons Garden Eco Café 季花园生态咖啡厅
Aku Tonpa restaurant
This restaurant is located 700m away from the Samye monaster
Sichuan Restaurant
This restaurant is located near to Samye monastery town peop


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