Explore Tibet:2019 Hundreds of Enterprises Help Hundreds of Villages

The Event Report The remit of the Supervision and Administration Department of the Tibet Autonomous Region Tourism Commission, according to the Deployment Arrangement Department of the Regional Tourism Precision Poverty Alleviation Mobilization meeting, was to help alleviate poverty in the poorest areas of Tibet. To enable this, hundreds of different enterprises across the region helped

Explore Tibet Offered Full Body Gold Plating for the Buddha Image in Jokhang Temple

Explore Tibet Sponsored the Re-plating of Gold to the Jowo Rinpoche Statue in Jokhang Temple and Celebrated Its 10th Anniversary. Explore Tibet, the most successful Tibetan tour operator, based in Lhasa, are celebrating their 10th Anniversary this year. For ten years, Sonam and his amazing team have been providing authentic Tibetan experiences for all their clients on their tours of the l

2017 Explore Tibet Staff Winter Charity and Pilgrimage Tour

High up in the Himalayas, on the famous Tibetan Plateau, life is hard. For many small villages, there only income comes from nomadic herding of yaks and sheep, or arable farming of wheat and barley. In this harsh and arid land, many families barely survive through the cold winters, some only relying on the small subsidies that they get from the Chinese government that mean they can eat through


2015 ET Staff Annual Conference at the Headquater Office in Lhasa

Explore Tibet Staff Annual Meeting has good bye the 2015 and welcome the 2016, we are well prepare to make your 2016 Tibet travel worry free and enjoyable. Winter is a slow season of the Tibet tourism industry, but it is a busy season for Tibetan themselves, because traditionally Tibetan make their pilgrimages during the winter months, crowds of local pilgrims in the Bakhor street, long

Drak Yerpa Environment Cleaning Project 2014

Explore Tibet Drak Yerpa Cleaning Project Year 2014 As being a local Tibetan tour company, we always trying our best to give something back to our community and build awareness to others through our action, supporting locals and encourage local people is one of the core value of Explore Tibet. We are very thankful to Chris Jones from Columbia University and other several NGOs who had conducted Ec

Explore Tibet Recyable Thermo Bottles

Explore Tibet Distributed Recyclable Thermo Bottles to Local Tibetan Tour Guides and Drivers As being a local Tibetan travel company, we always trying our best to bring a positive impact in our community, in the past years, some of our Tibetan tour guides received ecotourism trainings from Columbia University as well as some other NGOs, in other hand, our company try to develop the awareness

Staff Weekend Pilgrimage to Drak Yerpa in Lhasa

It was a sunny day and some of our staff agreed to go to Drak Yerpa hermitage for the weekend, it took about 40 minute drive through the Nachen la pass, hike through the hills and visited all those holy caves and temples were a great experiences. Drak Yerpa is located about 30km northeast of Lhasa, is one of the holiest cave retreats in central Tibet. Among the many ascetics who have sojo