Explore Tibet Distributed Recyclable Thermo Bottles to Local Tibetan Tour Guides and Drivers Explore Tibet distribute Recyclable Bottles to Tibetan tour guides
As being a local Tibetan travel company, we always trying our best to bring a positive impact in our community, in the past years, some of our Tibetan tour guides received ecotourism trainings from Columbia University as well as some other NGOs, in other hand, our company try to develop the awareness of ecotourism and environmental friendly among our staffs.
Recently, Explore Tibet had distributed uniformed thermo bottle to our Tibetan tour guides and drivers, because we believe that our tour guides and drivers are the not only representatives of our company, but they are also traveling most of the time with our clients, so instead of buying bottle water all the time, they can refill the thermo bottle from the restaurants and hotels, therefore it would reduce the plastic bottle waste, moreover, we believe influencing to other Tibet tour companies may work better than just doing oneself, so we encourage our Tibet tour guides and drivers to promote the ideas among other tour guides and drivers from other tour companies.
Tri-color recyclable bottles from Explore Tibet