Staff Charity Trip To Thui Village At The Shore Of Phamo Yumtso Lake

Small Tibetan villages struggle to survive On the northeast shore of the lake lies the small village of Thui (Tuiwa), a nomadic settlement of shepherds who rely on the lake and its surrounding pastures for their livelihoods. A settlement of only 149 people, made up of just 43 families, the village has many families that can only survive the winter with the small government subsidies th

Support Tibetan Disability Craftsman Dumdul and His Friends in Lhasa

As being a 100% Tibetan owned company, supporting local business and great concerns on culture preservation and environment protection is always our number priority, over the past decades, we have achieved successful numbers of projects and community services in Tibet, in this article, we would like to write down how we support a group of disability people in Lhasa and help them to generate i

Eco-friendly Project at Drak Yerpa 2014 |Explore Tibet

Explore Tibet Drak Yerpa Cleaning Project Year 2014 As being a local Tibetan tour company, we always trying our best to give something back to our community and build awareness to others through our action, supporting locals and encourage local people is one of the core value of Explore Tibet. We are very thankful to Chris Jones from Columbia University and other several NGOs who had conduct

Explore Tibet Completes Barley Roaster Project in 2012

Village Barley Roaster Project Cristian and Renate are a couple who live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Cristian is originally from the US and Renate is originally from Germany. Since 2009 they have traveled to Tibet three times with the Explore Tibet team. In 2010 they visited Lhakang village at the end of their Mt. Kailash pilgrimage and attended the village’s summer fest