While Tibetan tourism is developing rapidly and there are a number of international standard hotels in Tibet (Lhasa) such as Saint Regis and Sheraton by Four Points. But in the smaller towns and remote areas, there is only a very limited choice available. In these isolated Tibetan villages, you may be limited to rooms with a shared bathroom, and in the extremely remote areas, electricity and showers are luxuries that cannot always be relied on. Regardless, we always try our best to arrange the cleanest and safest accommodations by paying close attention to the feedback from our past clients who had stayed with us.

Recommended Hotels in Lhasa

Xizang Ari Hotel

Description: Tibet Ari Hotel is a subsidiary of Tibet Ari Industry Co., Ltd. and is located at No. 31, Sera...

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Dhood Gu Hotel

Dhood Gu is undoubtedly Tibet’s most characterful hotel, located in a traditional building with Tibetan décor throughout. The rooms are...

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Tashitakge Hotel

Tashitakge Hotel is also known as Babao Hotel in Chinese. It was been ten years since opened. It has a...

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Recommended Hotels in Gyantse

Jianzang hotel

Jian Zhang hotel is located in Gyangze County, opened in 2002, undertaking the foreign travelors's meals. Up to now, more...

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Gyantse Hotel

Gyangtse Hotel (Built in 1988) is located in the ancient Gyangtse country, Shigatse prefecture.With unique Tibetan traditional style and quality...

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Yeti hotel Gyantse

The Yeti hotel is located in Gyantse, Tibet and it is a Tibetan owned hotel, which is well decorated in...

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Recommended Hotels in Shigatse

VanRay International Resort

 VanRay International Resort  or Wanrun International Resort Hotel located in Shigatse of central Tibet. It is very near some of the famous...

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Shigatse hotel

Shigatse hotel is located in Shigatse town, Tibet. Shigatse hotel was founded in 1985. It is the only luxury three-...

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Tashi Choten hotel

Tashi Choten hotel is located in the commercial hub of Shigatse town and it is an traditional Tibetan architectural design. ...

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Recommended Hotels in Zhangmu

Phuntsok Rabsel Hotel

Phuntsok Rabsel Hotel is located in Kyirong county of Tibet Autonomous Region. Kyirong County is situated at the border between...

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Recommended hotels in Kailash

Recommended hotels in Tsetang

Tibet Yulong Holiday Hotel

Yulong Holiday hotel in Tsedang, 3-star, is located in Tsedang Town, which is the center of Tibet's only state-level scenic...

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Tsedang Hotel

Tsedang Hotel, 4-star, is located in Tsedang town, which is one of the birthplaces of Tibetan nationality, and also the...

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Recommended hotels in Namtso

Namtso local Hotel and Guesthouses

There are quite few local guesthouses to stay at the Tashi Do, all the local guesthouses and restaurants are built...

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