Dates of 2023 Tibetan Festivals are traditionally based on the lunar calendar, the lunar calendar is calculated each year by astrologers from Mentse Khang (Tibetan Traditional Medicine Centre). Normally a year contain12 months, but the missing or addition of an extra intercalary month for astrological reasons is not uncommon. So the dates of the festival vary every year. Generally, the Tibetan Lunar month is about two months behind the Western calendar.

Most of the Tibetan festivals on the Tibetan plateaus are deeply connected with their strong Buddhist influence or rich ancestral culture. During the festivals, all the people wear traditional costumes and perform different traditional dances and ritual activities. A Festival is the best way to experience the breathing culture and tradition of the locals and their ethnical affinity. Many Tibetan festivals are traditionally held throughout the Tibetan calendar – some are nationwide and others are applicable to a certain area only.

Name of the Festival

Active Place




Tibetan New Year (Losar)

Almost all Tibet Feb 21Feb 10Feb 5

Monlam Prayer Festival

LhasaFeb 24Feb 25Feb 9

Butter Oil Lantern Festival

Almost all Tibet Mar 7Feb 25Feb 19

Saga Dawa

Almost all Tibet June 4May 23Jun 17

Gyantse Horse Racing Festival (Gyantse Damag)

GyantseJul 17July 20July 20

Tashi Lhunpo Thangka Display

ShigatseJul 4July 4-6July 15

Zamling Chisang / Samye Dolde

Samye MonasteryJuly 3June 22July 16

Chokor Duchen Festival

Almost all TibetJuly 21July 9Aug 5

Ganden Thangka Display

Ganden MonasteryAug 1Aug 7Aug 15

Shoton Festival

Lhasa Aug 16Aug 19 – 26Aug 30 – Sept 5

Nachu Horse Racing

NachuAug 10 – 16Aug 10-16Aug 10-16

Lhabab Duchen Festival

Almost all Tibet Nov 4Nov 22Nov 19

Pal Lhamo Festival

LhasaNov 19 Dec 12Dec 12

Ganden Ngacho

Almost all Tibet Dec 7Dec 25Dec 21

Labrang Monlam Festival

Amdo, LabrangNot FixedNo confirmedFeb 17

Lithang Horse Racing Festival ( Not permanent)

LithangAug 1-7Aug 1 Aug 1

Jye Kundo (Yushu) Horse Racing Festival

YushuJuly 25-30July 25July 25
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