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Explore Tibet International Travel Co., Ltd is a legal entity that is registered as a Tibet travel company based out of Lhasa of Tibet. Explore Tibet is the top local Tibetan travel agency with Tibet tours developed by our team of local Tibetan tour guides utilizing their intimate knowledge of Tibetan culture, history, and environment. We specialize in tailor-made bespoke tours across the entire Tibetan plateau. It is our mission to help travelers experience Tibet as we do. This is why most of our travelers are returning travelers or direct referrals from our previous clients.

Our knowledge of the land is an accumulation of countless generations passed down from our village elders. With our ancestors’ guidance and first-hand knowledge of the Sino-Tibetan political landscape, rest assured that you are in good hands.

All of our Tibetan tour guides speak English, Chinese, and Tibetan, have years of experience in guiding tours and high-altitude trekking, and are well-versed in Tibetan Buddhism and history. They hail from every region of Tibet and are intimately familiar with the land, its stories, and its people.

As Tibetans, our core values are our rich culture, indigenous tradition, and natural environment. We are proud to be one of the first companies in the region to practice Responsible Tourism. In a nutshell, it is tourism “that creates better places for people to live in and better places for people to visit.”

We design our tours to pass through smaller Tibetan villages to utilize their services. By partnering with Tibetan-owned hotels, family-run guesthouses, restaurants, and handicraft shops we can promote local economic growth. 

All our Tibet tours and travels will take you through ancient monasteries, nomadic lands, and the stunning landscapes of the Tibetan plateau. This makes for an unparalleled experience of Tibet’s unique environment and its rich traditions!

Being a local tour operator, I am personally pleased to practice knowledge of Responsible Tourism. We are dedicated to relying upon native people and using local services to encourage local economic development. 

To reduce our carbon footprint, we cap our Tibet tours at minimum group size and enforce a strict “leave no trace” policy. Every year our guides and staff attend eco-tourism training sessions hosted by Columbia University via the Tibetan Village Project. We do all this to ensure that future generations can understand what Tibet represents.

Here at Explore Tibet, we are determined to share our homeland with you in its purest form.

I am Tibetan born and grew up in Tibet, but I did not truly discover the beauty of my country until I explored its wonders with my guests in the past years. The more I traveled, the more I came to love the land that I call home. The task of educating our guests inspired me to study our ancient culture, traditions, religion, and history through both books and the elders of my village. In my experiences, I have explored almost every corner of Tibet. Through interaction with natives and visitors alike, I have a deep appreciation of the needs of travelers who visit Tibet. The accumulation of all of these experiences resulted in my founding Explore Tibet to provide authentic Tibetan experiences through the culture and landscape that make up this magical country.

I am proud to say that Explore Tibet is an energetic Tibetan team with having strong Tibetan cultural background and Tibet travel experiences on the Tibetan plateau, with many years of working experience, all our staff has an abiding enthusiasm for guiding and introducing authentic Tibet, although their background and expertise may vary, all our staffs are committed to tackling new problems and finding new ways to explore Tibet invite you to join us on the roof of the world and experience something extraordinary. Businesses can’t be successful without struggles. You don’t get to level 99 of anything “fast”. It will require months of hard work for every individual skill and teamwork. Success isn’t that easy and smooth. You need a brain along with an energetic team. The are several business risks the possibility of inadequate profits or even losses due to uncertainties. We encountered both Internal and External Business risks yet we always stand up every time and move on with better lessons . Explore Tibet is not just born yesterday and become popular today! We went through every step of struggles and failure. We undertook all the hardships of business and with experiences we are here today on this business platform. Our motto is “Tibetan Owned and Authentic Tibetan Experiences”. Our prior aim or mission is to provide the best services by using local Tibetan staff and Tibetan businesses, as the leading Tibetan travel company in Tibet, we always try our best to bring satisfaction to every customer we receive and also collect all valuable feedback to improve us. Acknowledges and appreciations are what we get from our customers in return. Now Explore Tibet is one of the most renowned travel companies and one of the most successful travel companies in Lhasa. We are still working on and we are committed to working better and harder to become an ideal Tibetan travel company in Tibet. Thanks and welcome you to Tibet. Best Wishes! Sonam Jamphel Founder of Explore Tibet

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