Nyidon (Logistic Dept)

Nyima Dolma, 29 years old. She was born in the capital city of Tibet in a humble family. Since from child, she was very interested in learning English and step by step she learned English from different private schools in and around Lhasa. After middle school at the government school at Shol, she was able to find different kinds of works.
Due to her rapid improvement on English language, she continues her efforts to improve her English and Chinese at the same time. She also spent a year in Beijing working at a jewelry shop at Lidu hotel to improve her Chinese and to improve her personal economy as well.
For several years, she worked as a receptionist in Kailash hotel, Traffic hotel and Thangka hotel in Lhasa city and in 2013, she also attends for the hotel management training held by Tibet Tourism Bureau where she was certified as English speaking receptionist. So right now she is able to speak and write both English and Chinese.
Now she is working at Explore Tibet, responsible for permit paper work preparation and hotel booking.