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Every day we receive many questions from travelers planning to a Tibet tour, and “How to get to Tibet?” has been one of the most frequently asked questions. We have been giving repeated answers to different travelers, based on their travel plans and interests, so, in order to make it easier for travelers to find the best way to get to Tibet in the shortest time, we have specially designed this page, named “How to get to Tibet”, to help.
Over the past few decades, Tibet has had a reputation for being very a difficult destination for travel, in terms of both climate and travel regulations. It is also difficult to browse the most updated Tibet travel information online. There are hundreds of thousands of Tibet travel information websites, but often there is a lot of outdated and misleading information included.
Tibet is a fast-growing tourism destination in China and there are many changes every year. Tibet Travel Permit regulations have been improving, and the local government is also trying its best to simplify the paperwork and many new roads are being built. One example is the new highway from Lhasa to Nyingchi (in Eastern Tibet), which was finished this year, and the brand-new railway from Lhasa to Tsedang (in Southern Tibet), which is due to finish this year in 2018.
Therefore, every year there are new flights from different cities in mainland China to Tibet and naturally, it gives you much broader options to get to Tibet.
The three main ways to get to Tibet are by Flight, by Train and Overland by road. The flight is the easiest and there are more and more flights from cities in mainland China to Tibet, but currently, there is only one international flight to Lhasa, which is from Kathmandu in Nepal.

 How to get to Tibet by Explore Tibet
How to get to Tibet by flight

Flying is always the fastest and easiest way, and every day there are multiple flights to Tibet from most of the major cities in mainland China. However, there is only one international flight to Tibet, which is from Kathmandu in Nepal, and there is only one flight per day. However, if you take the flight from Kathmandu to Tibet, then you need the Tibet Group Tourist Visa instead of the Chinese individual visa.
How to get to Tibet from mainland China by flight
There are flights are available every day from many cities in mainland China, and the number of daily flights from cities in mainland China is increasing all the time. It is also nice to stop for a couple of days in mainland China’s cities to alleviate jet lag and then fly on to Tibet. This will definitely help you overcome high-altitude sickness more easily.
Here we have listed the top recommended cities in mainland China from which to get to Tibet, in order of the number of flights every day and the shortest flying hours.
  1. Chengdu to Lhasa
  2. Beijing to Lhasa
  3. Shanghai to Lhasa
  4. Guangzhou to Lhasa 
  5. Chongqing to Lhasa
  6. Xining to Lhasa
  7. Kathmandu to Lhasa
  8. Kunming to Lhasa
  9. Xian to Lhasa
  10. Shangrila to Lhasa
How to get the Chinese Entry Visa
It is compulsory to obtain the Chinese individual visa to travel to Tibet. Without the Chinese visa, you are not able to get the Tibet Travel Permit from the Tibet Tourism Bureau.
Generally you can apply for the Chinese visa from the Chinese Embassy in your home country, the Chinese Embassy may acquire you to have the round trip flight tickets and hotel or tour booking information in China, if the visa application is difficult in some areas, then it is wise to use some visa service agencies in your area. For more information on Chinese visa, please send us an email at and our team will provide you indepth information on Chinese visa.
How to get the Tibet Travel Permit
It is compulsory for all foreigners to have the Tibet Travel Permit to travel to and in Tibet. There are always questions as to whether it is possible to travel Tibet without the Tibet Travel Permit, but the answer is “No”, and we do not recommend taking this risk. All entry cities for Tibet and many places in Tibet will check for the Tibet Travel Permit. If you enter Tibet from any city in mainland China, then the airport officers will check your original copy of the permit before issue the boarding pass. Your permit will also be checked when you pass through the airport security check-in after you get the boarding pass, so it is very important to make sure you have your Tibet Travel Permit in your possession before you head to the airport.
Generally, the Tibet Travel Permit would take 10 to 20 working days to obtain, and we advise all travelers to book their Tibet tour at least 30 days in advance. Once booked, your Tibet tour agency will work on your Tibet Travel Permit, using copies of your passport and Chinese visa, and then once the permit is issued, they can send it to your hotel in the mainland China city from where you will take the flight to Tibet. If you are not staying overnight in mainland China, then you can ask your Tibet travel agency to arrange the delivery to the airport for when you make your connecting flight to Tibet. The normal courier service takes 3 days to reach any city in mainland China from Lhasa (Tibet). There is also an express courier service, which takes only 24 hours but costs CNY 380. Airport delivery may cost CNY 300 to CNY 400, depending on which city you are flying out of.
To get to Tibet from Kathmandu by flight
Many people think Nepal and Tibet are the same places, but actually, they are very different, and it takes 1 hour 35 minutes by flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa. Before 2016, there was only one flight that was operated by Air China ( every other day, but now Sichuan Airlines ( also operates a flight between Lhasa and Kathmandu, so flights are available every day. It is the only international flight to Tibet, and the Chinese visa regulations are also different than when traveling through mainland China.
flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa

What is the Tibet Group Visa?
The Tibet Group Visa is similar to a Chinese Visa. If you fly into Tibet from Kathmandu, then it is very important to know that you do not have to obtain the Chinese visa in advance. Instead, you will get the Tibet Group Visa from the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu. If you already have a Chinese visa, whether it is a work visa or a multiple entry visa, the Chinese Embassy will cancel the existing visa to issue the Tibet Group Visa. Everyone traveling to Tibet from Kathmandu will only need the Tibet Group Visa, it works exactly same as the Chinese individual visa, and can be used to travel anywhere in China after visiting Tibet. However, it is not issued as a stamp in the passport and is just an A4 size sheet of paper with a list of the names of the group members. Therefore, everyone in the group visa should travel together to and in Tibet and exit Tibet together. The group visa can neither be split nor extended, although it can be applied for less than 45 days.
The cost of the Tibet Group Visa varies based on the number of processing days required. Even for the most urgent visa, you need to allow 2 working days, so make sure that you have at least two full working days in Kathmandu to process the group visa prior to your expected date of travel.
How to get the Tibet Group Visa
You cannot apply for the Tibet Group Visa by yourself, as it needs a Group Visa Invitation Letter from the Tibet Tourism Bureau. Once you have booked the Tibet tour with us, we will apply for the Group Visa Invitation Letter from the tourism bureau and then send it to our partner agent in Kathmandu (Nepal). Once you arrive in Kathmandu, our Explore Tibet agent will contact you and will come to meet you at the hotel. There, you need to fill in the visa application form and hand your passport to him in order to process the Tibet Group Visa. He will return your passport and the Tibet Group Visa according to your required timeframe.
Important Note: Please make sure that everyone on the list of the Tibet Group Visa will be entering Tibet and exiting China together and at the same time. If you plan to exit China from a different city and at a different time, then mention it to us before applying for the permit and Group Visa Invitation Letter, so that we can apply for a separate Group Visa Invitation Letter and permit.
What are the documents required to apply for the Tibet Group Visa?
There are three main things that are required to apply for the Tibet Group Visa:
1. Valid passport with at least 6 months from the expiry date
2. Tibet Group Visa Invitation Letter, which will be provided by Explore Tibet
3. Two passport-sized photos with a white background
4. One color print copy of your passport
Tibet Travel Permit
The Tibet Travel Permit will be obtained by Explore Tibet using a copy of your passport, and you do not need the permit, or a copy of the permit, to board the flight from Kathmandu. The Tibet Group Visa is enough to board the flight. Once you arrive at the airport in Lhasa, Tibet, the Chinese Immigration officers will check the group visa and your passport, and our guide will be waiting for you with your Tibet Travel Permit in hand.
Important Note: Make sure that you have the same passport with which you have applied for the Tibet Travel Permit or there it will be a problem entering Tibet.
To get to Tibet from other international cities around the world
Currently, there is only one international flight to Tibet, which is from Kathmandu in Nepal. You are only able to fly to either Kathmandu or any city in mainland China and from there to Lhasa in Tibet. Generally, the flight tickets are cheaper from mainland China to Lhasa (Tibet), and for the permit and visa information, you can refer to the above sections.
Important tips on how to get cheap flight tickets to Tibet
International flight tickets are usually cheaper if you book at least 2 to 3 months in advance, especially for flight tickets from Kathmandu to Lhasa (Tibet). There are good discounts if you book 2 to 3 months in advance, and the same applies to flights from cities in mainland China to Lhasa (Tibet). China Eastern Airline often provides good discounts on their tickets, and their official website is
Lhasa Airport
Lhasa is the capital of Tibet and the airport is known as Gonkar Airport. It is about 70km outside Lhasa, and it takes around an hour’s drive on a very good road. Lhasa Gonkar Airport is 3,600 meters (11,811 feet) above sea level, and Lhasa city is 3,650 meters (11,975 feet) above sea level.
Get to Tibet from Chengdu
Chengdu is the capital city of Sichuan Province in southwest
How to get to Tibet from Kathmandu, Nepal
One of the most popular ways for tourists to get to Tibet is
How to get to Tibet from Beijing
Situated in the northeast of China, Beijing is one of the ma


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