Tenzin (Driver)

Tibet Tour Driver

Tenzin is 52 years old and he was born in Tolung County which is adjacent to Lhasa. Driving in Tibet is very challenging and requires great skill and a good river.  Tenzin obtained his advanced driving skills from his father who was one of the first batch drivers that transport tourists by trucks in the early 90s.

He received his driving license in his early 20s, but in the beginning, like most other drivers in Tibet, he bought a truck and worked in construction for several years. Then later when tourism became popular in Tibet, his family bought a secondhand Toyota Land Cruiser and since then he travel with tourists for the last 6 years.

He drove almost all major roads in Tibet including the Sichuan-Tibet highway, Qinghai-Tibet highway, and Xinjiang-Tibet highway. He had also driven lots off-the-beaten tracks on the Tibetan plateau and never had any records of accidents and injury for our customers. Besides his excellent driving skill, he is always ready with repairing types of equipment if anything happens on bumpy roads.