Samdup Gyal (Sales Manager)

He is Samdup Gyal (Sam as English name), 29 years old. He was born in a small and humble peasant family in Amdo (far eastern Tibet), located 210km away from Qinghai Lake (Tso Nongpo in Tibetan). He studied abroad and returned after he finished his first year in the college. During the two months at his hometown he dreamt to share the tradition, culture, religion and histories with rest of the world since he felt proud of every factual & reassuring manner of every Tibetan. Then he started to explore different things from different angels and learned enormous deep knowledge about Tibet and its people.

In order to realize his dream he needed a bigger platform and that’s why he came to Lhasa (the city of tourists). After certifying the National Guide license he was excited to board the train to Lhasa. The lonely journey yet starkly beautiful sights on the way encouraged him to explore more about his land. The sight and sound of every prayers and mantras of Tibetan passengers throughout the train helped him to understand the depth of Buddhism. That special atmosphere took him deeper into his dream. While the train reached Lhasa train station his first glimpse fell on the giant Potala Palace, the signature of Tibet, emerged from his sight with a powerful vibe that can be only described as magical. That incomparable majesty gave him a sense of happiness to follow his dream.

He worked as a tour guide for more than 6 years in Lhasa since then and hopped into hundreds of cars with foreigners to experience and explore the beauty of Tibet and its people, he attended annual guide trainings led by the Tibet Tourism Bureau to improve his skills in service and problem-solving strategies. He also got opportunities to participate in Eco-tourism Trainings to improve his knowledge of eco-friendly and sustainable tourism.

With more than 6 years guiding experiences, he was in his clients’ heart a very kind, passionate, polite and knowledgeable guide. He also received excellent feedbacks from many of customers that he led in and around Tibet.

Currently he works at Explore Tibet as sales person and his working experiences and local expertise facilitate him to make best trips according to the client’s interest.