Gelek(Tour Guide)

Tibet Tour Guide

Gelek is 30 years old and was born in Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet. After he finished middle school, he went abroad to study English and returned around 2002, from his childhood he is very keen to learn more about Tibetan culture and tradition, and he specially valued Tibetan language and always love to learn from elders.

Over the past decade, he encountered different works and experienced various situations that made him an experienced tour guide. In the beginning, he worked in a Canadian Grassland specialist NGO called BHNP (Basic Human Needs Project) as an interpreter.

Then gradually, he realized his own potential of working in the tourism industry and attended a Tibet white water rafting training and learned how to serve clients.
Later in 2007, he received a China National Tour guide license and started to be a tour guide, his open and frank nature has contributed him to learning from his clients and sharing his knowledge of Tibetan culture and history with the clients.