Namgyal (Tour Guide)

Tibet Tour guide

Tibet Tour Guide

Namgyal is a knowledgeable tour guide who was born in Lhasa and has deep Tibetan cultural background, since his childhood, he was very kind and showed a deep interest in Tibetan Buddhism so that later he got a great opportunity to study Buddhism philosophy for more than 2 years.

Then later he studied English in a private language school for more than 7 years. Since 2005, he work as a tour guide and he was pleased to share our Tibetan culture and tradition with clients that come from all corners of the world. Over the years of leading all kinds of groups and guiding for different types of trips, he improves not only his communication skills but also his service attitude and problem-solving strategy.

He was never satisfied with what he learned about Tibetan history, religion and culture to share with his clients, so whenever he got any opportunity to interact with elders and other knowledgeable people, he uses his full effort to learn more about the Tibet and Tibetan that he can share with our customers.

He was certified as a tour guide and obtained his China National certificate from the Tibet tourism bureau, then attend annual tour guide trainings organized by the tourism bureau.
In past years, his hardworking and knowledgeable explanations are always rewarded with excellent feedback from our clients.