Tenzin (Travel Consultant)

My name is Tenzin Norbu, 30 years old and I was born and grown up in Lhasa, as my parents have very strong Tibetan cultural and traditional background, I am proud of born in such a family and experienced our culture and traditional in my daily life. English is my third spoken language and in 2009 I was certified with China national tour guide license and worked as tour guide for couple of years, by travelling to different corners of our country and explore with various tourists has encouraged me to build myself on the tourism field, this is how I have introduced myself into the Tibet tourism industry.
In 2002, after I was graduated from Tibet University I got a chance to work at a Non-governmental Organization that is funded by European Union and having their projects in Shigatse, for more than 4 years I have worked as project coordinator on the field of health and hygiene. Then after it I have worked at another Spanish NGO based in Lhasa and carried the responsibility of Health program assistant.
My hobby is to play soccer and I also love music both traditional and modern rock music.
Now I am working at Explore Tibet which is a one of the few Tibetan owned local travel company and operating all kinds of tour on the Tibet plateau, with my years of working experiences and cultural background, I am pretty confident that we can offers authentic Tibetan experiences for our respected clients.