Explore Tibet Staff Annual Meeting has good bye the 2015 and welcome the 2016, we are well prepare to make your 2016 Tibet travel worry free and enjoyable.

Explore Tibet 2015 Annual Meeting
Winter is a slow season of the Tibet tourism industry, but it is a busy season for Tibetan themselves, because traditionally Tibetan make their pilgrimages during the winter months, crowds of local pilgrims in the Bakhor street, long queues at the Jokhang temple, hundreds of pilgrims prostrating right in front of the Jokhang temple, it is a great taste of Tibet that you can never experiences rest of the year.

The Explore Tibet annual meeting was held at the head office in Lhasa among the 25+ attendances, including some of our office staffs, Tibetan tour guides and drivers, the gathering was started with 2015 yearly conclusion addressed by Mr. Sonam Jamphel (founder of the Explore Tibet) which initiated a productive discussion among the attendance on the subject of what we learnt and what we need to improve in the future, everyone actively shared their personal opinions that learnt from their day to day work experiences, then this session of the forum was concluded with different ideas that we need to make progress in the coming year.

<< Driver Migmar Tsering and Dumdul are voting for the best guide>>

<<Guide Tenpa and Norbu la were Voting for the best driver >>
The next session was the most interesting for the attendances as it was the time to receive their annual bonus for their service performances, a table right at in front of the office was piled with Shockchag – which is red envelopes with money in Tibetan, despite the normal service bonus, the top 3 guides and drivers receive an award money and everyone was very excited for who will be the top listing. Explore Tibet office staffs were busy with collecting votes from guides and drivers and counting them to figure out the top candidates, the top candidates were selected with some certain selection systems, the totally points that each candidates receive are based on three main subjects, 1. Points that received from the evaluation form that our clients give to us, 2. Points from inter-voting which means our guide vote for the best driver and driver do the same, 3. Our office staff vote for best driver and guide for their work attitude.

<<Explore Tibet guide Pemtse was voting for the best driver>>

<<During the tea break>>
After a short tea break, finally the vote counting was finished and among the tour guide, the winner went to Gyaltsen with 91.5 marks, runners up went to Namgyal with 88.2 marks and third position taken by Tsering Dhondup (Rooney) with 86 marks. Among the driver the winner went to Bhuchung and Tenzin Lhakpa with 81.9, runners up went to Dumdul with 79 marks and third position taken by Passang and Migmar Tsering.

<<Driver Kalsang (in blue coat) was starring at the red envelope when driver Dumdul receive it>>

<< Guide Pemtse was receiveing the bonus and Khata>>
The meeting was ended around 3pm and it brought all the team back into a readiness for another successful year of 2016. According to the official information the Tibet travel permit policy for 2016 is very stable and Tibet tourism bureau has made lots of improvements on the paper work system to simplify the application process, so if you are planning for your 2016 Tibet tours, then please don’t hesitate to write us and our local Tibetan travel team is already well prepared to assist you a worry-free and enjoyable travel experiences in Tibet.

<< Explore Tibet guide Tselha was holding hte bonus in hand with a big smile>>