Qongmulama Restaurant  in Yushu -Explore Tibet

Qongmulama restaurant is located in opposite to China Post office in Yushu City. It is one of the famous restaurants in Yushu. Their specialty is Tibetan cuisine. The restaurant is very spacious and well decorated. There are more than 20 tables and also few cabins.

Qongmulama Restaurant - Explore Tibet

The restaurant is decorated with Tibetan styles and the hallway is lighted with Tibetan alphabets.  Qongmulama Restaurant is very clean and well organized.  The staffs are very polite and very cooperative. Though they don’t speak English but we could manage to communicate with them.
Qongmulama Restaurant  -Explore Tibet

Unlike other cities and towns in Kham region. Yushu city is the commercial hub of Kham region. So the expenses are bit expensive then other cities in Kham. The hotels and restaurants are more expensive than in other cities of Kham.

Qongmulama Restaurant  -explore Tibet

It located next to the city main road. It is also at center of the city which is very easy to hang out around the main market of the city. It has parking.