Gyantse Kitchen -Explore Tibet

The restaurant is located in Gyantse town. This place is quite popular in Gyanste town and they serve Western, Tibetan and Indian foods. The owner of the restaurant is a wise man which he donates some of his profit to the needy families in Shigatse.
The restaurant staffs are very friendly and helpful. The atmosphere of the restaurant is spectacular. Gyantse kitchen is very clean and well organized.

Gyantse Kitchen-Explore Tibet

They serve pancakes for the breakfast which is very delicious. They also serve some unique fusion dishes like yak pizza which is worth ordering it. The Tibetan momo (dumpling) is exceptional delicious. Some of Indian dishes are very delicious, like chicken curry.
Gyantse Kitchen -Explore Tibet
Address: Shanghai Rd, Jiangzi Xian, Gyantse , Tibet
Contact : +86 892 817 6777