Tibet Winter Tour Price Drops 30% – Tibet Travel News

The price of vehicles for travelling Tibet went ascending in June of 2016, we all witnessed how much the rise in the price affected Tibet tourism for a whole season, the increased prices on Tibet tourism vehicle has been sour to all the Tibet travel businesses and especially to our faithful clients until the October when Tibet tourism season ended.

Explore Tibet: Winter Tibet TourNow, we have a thrilling price around 30% off for winter tours in Tibet, the offer will stand until the end of February, Tibet tourism will come to a full stop as of 1st March until the 31st of March. The cold of the winters starts a wee earlier around mid-November in Tibet when the number of tourists starts slowing until there are almost none in the deep winter (except some really stubborn travellers, who actually know when to come to Tibet and make a well-budgeted trip out of it).

Explore Tibet: Tibet Winter TourAs much as it is very much advised to travel Tibet in winter, it is also precautionary to advise our wise clients to take your health and safety measures up a bit to avoid certain unpleasant experiences (such as Mountain Acute Sickness, as you presumed).

Lamp Festival LhasaExplore Tibet has the best Tibet winter tour itineraries with the most experienced and best tour guides and tour drivers. 5 days Butter Lamp Festival tour (Dec 23rd, 2016: the date of the festival this year), 6 days Cultural Excursion, 6 days Tidrum Hotspring tour etc.