Bridget Cullen-Tibet Travel Experience in July 2016

I recently took one of your tours and wanted to give you my feedback. I was on the 8 day tour that went to Everest Base Camp.
I really enjoyed the tour and had a great time with my fellow travelers. My main purpose of writing this email is to tell you how
wonderful of a job Rooney (Tsering) did on this tour. I have one story in particular that I would like to share with you.
On the last day of the tour at one of our rest stops I asked Rooney if it would be possible for me to purchase one of the colorful
tables seen at so many of the Tibetan restaurants and shops. He told me the approximate cost and said he would find out
about shipping costs. By the next time we had stopped he had already found out about the shipping. I told him it would
probably be too expensive, but by then he was on a mission to help me get one of these tables. After we were dropped off at
the hotel in Lhasa and our tour was finished, Rooney took his own time to walk around the streets with me looking for one of
these tables. He said I could get a cheaper, lighter version like they have in the restaurants and then he proceeded to walk
around town with me just looking for an example to show me. He suggested that we take a taxi to the factory where they make
the tables so that I could find one. Again, he used his own time to come with me in the taxi to the shops. He helped me find a
table and then go about the process of packing it. We went on another search for materials to wrap and secure the table and
then he himself wrapped the table and made sure it was protected enough for me to try to take it with me on the plane.

The next morning, he accompanied me to the airport, carried the table for me, and went with me to the check in counter to help me find out how much it would cost to ship. It ended up costing about the same as the table itself, but we were able to get the table on the plane. Rooney then escorted me to the gate area where we said our goodbyes. I have never been on a trip where a maid and tour leader was so helpful and so caring for his clients from Florida, read on more about my impressions. Rooney really wanted to make sure that I left Tibet having had a great experience. I know others in our group feel the same way about him. I truly hope you know what a gem you have in Rooney. He really went way above and beyond what was expected of him to help me. He is definitely a huge asset to your company. Please let him know that the table made it safely back to Abu Dhabi and that I wasn’t charged at all to take it on my second flight! I honestly would not have this amazing Tibetan souvenir if it wasn’t for him. Please send him my most sincere thanks!

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