Sera Monastery Phug Gel Ceremony in Tibet

Tibet, during the Tibetan New Year Festival time, here attracts thousands of tourists. Days before Tibetan New Year, pilgrims in Tibet are already basking in festivity. They are busing celebrating Sera Phug Gel Festival .Explore Tibet Team, a professional Tibet travel agency, today introduces “Sera Phug Gel Festival” to you.

"Sera Bengqin Festival"

Sera Phug Gel Festival” is the most sacred thing celebrated four days before the Tibetan New Year, and it is a festival for Tibetan Buddhist. Just as its name implies,“Sera” comes from the Sera Monastery, a renowned religious site in Lhasa, and it is one of the three leading monasteries in Lhasa. “Sera Phug Gel Festival” is a great festival held in the Sera Monastery on December 27 of the Tibetan calendar. During the festival, a lot of Buddhist followers from outside Tibet travel to Lhasa for the Sera Bengqin Festival. On the early morning since 5 o’clock, Tibetan Buddhists began a slow march to Sera Monastery with white Hada scarves in their hand and sincerely prayed while moving slowly. Outside the Sera Monastery, tonnes of Tibetan Buddhists are praying in a line kilometres already.
The annual event started from 1 a.m. Tuesday and lasted to about 2 a.m. Tibetan Buddhists are proceeding to receive the blessing from the strength and power from Vajra Pestle, and this ceremony is opened to the public once a year. Before the ceremony, the Dalai Lama will pray to the Buddha to confer strength. Then he places the pestle on the monks and followers to transfer the power and support to them.
It is so great to see that the grand traditional event is still held today. Travel to Tibet to join this unique event? Access .Explore Tibet Team,provides tailor-made Tibet tours planning and operation. Contact us right now and don’t miss this great festival!

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