With the operation of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway and the reopening of Nathu La Mountain Pass, border trade is flourishing in Tibet. Burang, a small town in southwestern Ngari of China’s Tibet, has a history of 500 years for border trade. It attracts many businessmen from China’s Sichuan and Qingahi, Nepal and India .Explore Tibet Team, a professional Tibet travel agency, today mainly introduces China-Nepal border trade to you.
With the increasingly well-developed transportation to Tibet, you can see many Chinese characters “We Like China-Nepal Friendship!” and “ China and Nepal are Good Brothers!” printed on the trucks travelling between Nepal and China’s Tibet.


Most Nepalese businessman runs a small shop, but the sale of merchandise over 200 kinds of products including all the necessities of daily life, such as Indian makeup, Nepalese candy and cloth. Tibetan families like to use some products imported from Nepal. Some stuff such as natural hair conditioner imported from Nepal, which can make their hair shiny and sparkling, produced without any additives, are very popular among Tibetan people. The hair conditioner also called ‘soft embankment’ in Tibet language, so you can see the strong attachment of Tibetan people about Nepal products. Besides, a variety of gold and silver jewelry and Buddhist supplies created by the Nepalese artisans also have a high market demand in Tibet due to the workmanship and the quality are very consistent with the aesthetic ideas of Tibetans.
Over the years, the Sino-Nepalese border become a Channel between Tibetans and Nepalese, and now many Nepalese get married and start a family with Tibetan people.
In the near future, Chines government will improve the road conditions, especially to renovate the highway between China’s Tibet and Nepal .Explore Tibet Team,a professional Tibet travel agency, and offer earnest invitation to you to Tibet.