Nagqu (Nakchu) is a prefecture-level city in the north of the Chinese Autonomous region of Tibet. On May 7, 2018, the former Nagqu Prefecture has officially declared the sixth prefecture-level city in Tibet. Naqu rich in water resources, with 81% of Tibet’s lakes, covering a total area of over 30,000 square kilometers (12,000 sq mi), it contains lakes such as Namtso, Siling Lake and rivers such as Dangqu. Nagqu hosts the Kyagqen Horse Race, a major event locally attracting tens of thousands of herdsmen to participate in horseracing and archery contests. The festival attracts affluent tourists every year during that time. 

Nakchu & Northern Tibet

Siling Lake ( Siling Tso)

Chinese Name: 色林错湖  English Name: Siling Tso Lake  Location: Located in Xainza County, Nagqu Prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region   Opening Hours: All-day  Siling Tso- The...

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Sok Tsanden Monastery

Sok Tsanden Monastery is located on top of the Yaladuo Hill at Sok Yaklha Town, in the Nagqu area of north...

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Namtso Lake

Namtso lake is known as one of the holiest lake called Heavenly Lake in Tibetan along with Manasarovar, Yamdrok and...

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