5 Countries That No Require China Visa to Get Tibet Permit

All visitors to Tibet require a valid Chinese visa, but there are 5 Nationalities that don’t need to have the Chinese visa to apply for Tibet Travel Permit from the Tourism Bureau in Lhasa.

Like any other countries around the world, you must obtain the Chinese visa to travel into China and Tibet, so far, Chinese tourist visa for ordinary passport is can’t be obtained at the arrival, so you need to apply for the Chinese visa at least few weeks before your travel to China.
Tibet is located South-western part of China and same as any other destinations in China, Chinese visa is foremost important document that you required, then additional to the visa, you also need the Tibet Entry Travel Permit to travel into Tibet, independent travel is not workable in Tibet and you have to organize your Tibet tour through a local Tibetan tour company like Explore Tibet, and once your tour itinerary is finalized, Explore Tibet will apply for your Tibet Entry Travel Permit from the Tourism Bureau in Lhasa, Tibet Tourism Bureau in Lhasa is the only government department in China that issues the permit.
There are several nationalities that don’t need to have the Chinese visa for short visit to China from 15 to 30 days. According to the latest update from the China Consular Affairs website, there are 11 country lists of mutual visa exemption, which means these 11 countries don’t need China visa for a short visit, viz, Ecuador, Serbia, Tonga, UAE (United Arab Emirates), Barbados, Bahamas, Republic of Fiji, Grenada, Mauritius, Republic of San Marino and Seychelles. But when you apply for the Tibet Entry Travel Permit at the Tibet Tourism Bureau, it accepts only 5 nationalities that don’t need visa copy for the permit application.
5 Countries that don't require China visa to get Tibet permit | Explore Tibet 

The 5 nationalities that don’t need Chinese visa copies to apply for the Tibet Entry Travel Permits are Singapore, Japan, Mongolia, Mauritius and Ecuador, so if you are from these 6 countries, then you only need to send us your passport copy and we will get the Tibet Entry Travel Permit without any problem.
Don’t worry if you are not from these 5 countries, it is still not complicate to travel Tibet as many people thought, Tibet permit process are simplifying and less restrictions over the years, we have more than 12 years of experiences in operating Tibet tours and helped 5000+ international travelers obtain the Tibet permit every year.
What are the easiest steps to get the Tibet Travel Permit?
3 Easy Steps to Get the Tibet Travel Permit | Explore Tibet 
Some Quick Questions & Answers About Tibet Travel Permit.
Can I apply the Tibet travel permit abroad or in mainland China?
Ans: No. Tibet Travel Permit is only can be issued from the Tibet Tourism Bureau in Lhasa.
Can I apply for the Tibet travel permit by myself?
Ans: No. you can’t apply the permit by yourself, you need to organize your Tibet tour through Explore Tibet and we will get it for you.
Do I need to send my passport to apply for the travel permit?
Ans: No, we don’t need your original passport, only a clear and complete image or scan copy of the passport is enough.
How long the Tibet travel permit process would take?
Ans: Generally, it takes around 10 days, but some restricted destinations like Mt Kailash would take more than 20 days.
How much for the Tibet travel permit cost?
Ans: There is no way to buy the Tibet travel permit separately, as it violates the regulation of Tibet Tourism Bureau, you need to book your Tibet tour with Explore Tibet and all our package Tibet tour includes Tibet entry travel permit and other permits.

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