Tibet is known as the third pole of the earth with an everage altitude of 4500m and bounded by great mountain ranges, south by the 2500km long Himalayan arc, to the west by the Karakoram and to the north by the Kunlun and Altyn Tagh ranges. All the cities in Tibet are widely scattered with diverse culture and tradition, due to the changeable plateau climate and altitude, the western Tibet and eastern Tibet has totally different landscapes and natural beauties. Far west region around Mt Kailash has Mars-like deserts and deep turqoise of plateau lakes, while in the east, it is more green with waterfalls in the Nyingtri area, so as the different region has large variety of culture and costumes, wheather it is the rolling grasslands of the north, Mars-like deserts of the west, snowcapped Himalayan views to the south or the huge valleys and gigantic lakes of the center, all of Tibet is blessed with amazing high-altitude colours and spectacular sceneries.
It is very important to know little about the different cities and different regions of Tibet before you travel, and it will not only enrich your travel experiences in Tibet, but also provides you whole range of choices for what you want to experiences and where to go in Tibet. Our destination page will provide update information of all the cities and regions on Tibetan plateau with respective climate, hotels, restuarants and so on, we also listed top things to see in different cities in Tibet and help you to experience each cities in Tibet with full of ventures and insightfully. 
Sitting in the Lhasa River Valley, the central city of Tibet
Shigase is one of the most attractive tourist cities in west
Noted to be the fourth largest city in Tibet, Tsedang , alter
Officially known as Gyangz Town, Gyantse in Shigatse Prefectu
Known as Tingri , Old Tingri, Dingri, Ganggazhen, and even Ga
Kham is having up into 54 counties spread across six prefect
Amdo , one of the three main provinces in China where Tibeta
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