Tourism Business In Tibet.


Tourism is a process of traveling of people from their own usual environment to other places for business purpose,Leisure or enjoyment. Less than one year in terms of duration. Tourism is a dynamic and challenging industry where it needs to adopt with consistently changing needs and wishes of tourists.Tourism is a very challenging field where you will need to fulfill the satisfaction of tourists, always needs to consider tourist’s safety and at the same time providing enjoyable experience for the tourists. I personally feel tourism industry is very important and essential for Tibet to showcasing our distinct culture and identity to the world. It also benefits us in many sense. Tourism in Tibet generates numbers of job opportunities for our local community directly and indirectly it boost business opportunity for local business sectors like hotel, restaurants etc.Tourism sector also influence  the preservation of wild life, culture and historical monuments. Tourism literally improve the economic condition of the local community and government in large sense. Visitor’s expenditure can generate income for the local people and it can rid off the poverty problem in the community. It also strengthen the relationship between different communities. When tourism improve the economic condition of local community, it also directly improve the infrastructure such as airports, railways , highways,hospital etc Infrastructure development can generates a better platform for trades and in and out flow of services and goods.  Tourism has become so vital these days that it fulfilled and achieved many people’s dreams. Over the past decades, Tibet tourism is improving gradually and Tibet tours are becoming popular among the travelers around the world. Even though they are hundreds of Tibet travel companies around world, but Explore Tibet is one of the top leading Tibetan tour company that based on Lhasa of Tibet and offers authentic Tibet tours and Tibet travel experiences. You can also receive up-to-date Tibet travel permit information on its official website



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