Tibetan-Grace With Religion-Tibet.

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Tibetan are said to be very spiritual and compassionate in nature.This statement is to some extend very true as they are very much helpful, thoughtful, kind and easy going though sometime very superstitious. Yet there are still numbers of black sheep in the flock. This community indeed is very unique and harmless. Tibetan are very much rooted by the grace of religion in their community that make them a super extraordinary being. They respect all the sentient being on this planet and do care all being of all being. Due to backward in development, They become even more renowned and a model example on this planet. I personally very much agree with the ideology of Tibetan; Contentment is a source of happiness. Even if you are a prince and richest man on this planet, it’s your fate and you’re rewarded with done good deeds in the previous life. If you are the most unwanted being on planet this life, be a better person in next life. You don’t need external materials to make you happy person. Everything depend on how you think and react. God love all in the same language.

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