The Latest Tibet Travel News

The Covid era has been definitely challenging for people who want to keep traveling and discovering China. With regulations changing so suddenly, it is not always easy to keep up. The latest Tibet Travel news is updated on 25th October 2021.

Here is some clarification about the latest Tibet travel regulations.

People who have traveled to provinces or county levels with confirmed covid cases within the past 14 days will not able to travel to Tibet. If you are already in Tibet, you might be asked to leave within 24 hours.

This applies even if:

  • There is no risk area in tha province/ city(just confirmed cases)
  • You have just been there for a short time (such as flight stopover or transfer)
  • You have a Covid test
  • You have been fully vaccinated
  • Your arrow code is green and doesn’t have on it

List of provinces you shouldn’t travel to within 14days of the trip:

  • Beijing
  • Gansu
  • Guizhou
  • Hebei
  • Hubei
  • Hunan
  • Inner Mongolia
  • Ningxia
  • Qinghai
  • Shaanxi
  • Xinjiang
  • Yunnan

**Note that this list will change according to the covid situation.