Favorite Places To Travel around Kham Region

Tibetan Cultural Area

The Kham regions are located in the three major provinces of China such as Qinghai province, Sichuan province, and Yunnan Province. There are 3 Tibetan Autonomous Prefectures in those 3 major Provinces of China. The Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, and Dechen Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture are located in Qinghai Province, Sichuan Province, and Yunnan Province respectively. The travelers do not need a travel permit for traveling in those areas which are not under the Tibetan Autonomous Region. The best things are you can travel with tour group arranged by travel agencies or you can form your own group and travel to Kham. These days they are many solo travelers traveling in Kham Tibet.

Landscape of Shangri-La

Shangri –La 

It is one of the most famous places in the Kham for its magnificent landscape. It is located in Dechen Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan Province.  Every year thousands of tourist visited this place. Tourism is one of the main income for the local people. One of the most beautiful place in Dechen Prefecture is Shangri-La. It is covered with vast forests and snowy mountains. The best time to travel Shangri -La is in the month of June to November.

Yilhun Lhatso Lake -Explore Tibet

Kangding or Dartsedo 

It is located in Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province. It is one of the oldest towns in Kham and it is the gateway to Tibet in early centuries. It has some famous mountains and lakes in the Kham region, such as Mt. Minya Gongkar, Mt.Four Sisters and Yinlhun Lhatso Lake.

Dzogchen monastery in Kham

Dzogchen Monastery -Explore Tibet

Garze or Karze

Garze is one of the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province. In these regions, the landscapes are so enduring and splendid. Moreover, there are many great monasteries like Dzogchen, Garze monastery, Dzongsar, Palyul, Palpung monastery and Lithang monastery. In summer, not far from Garze town, Lithang county host the Lithang Horse Racing Festival every year. It is one most famous festivals in the Kham.

Shechen Monastery


Derge is a small county located in Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province. It has one of most famous and oldest printing house in Tibet like Derge Parkhang. There are also some monasteries such as Derge Gonchen, Dolma Lhakhang, and Shechen monastery.

Beautiful view of Larung Gar Buddhist Academy -Explore Tibet

Serta or Serda

Serta is one of the counties of Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province. The world’s biggest Tibetan Buddhist monasteries Larung Gar is located in Serta and also some other famous monasteries such as Yarchen monastery and Sershul monastery.


Yushu Gyanak Mani Temple -Explore Tibet

Jyekundo or Yushu

It is one of the Tibetan Autonomous Prefectures in Qinghai Province. Jyekundo town is one of the oldest and mostly known for the ancient trading place among Tibetans and Han Chinese.  There are many beautiful places in Yushu such as Nangchen, Chedoa, and Dzadoa. Moreover, there are many famous monasteries such as Surmang monastery, Gar monastery, Jyeku monastery, and Princess Wencheng Temple. The Tibet’s largest Mani stone temple Gyanak Mani temple is located in Yushu. Every year, Yushu city hosts a Horse Racing Festival and thousands of people come from all the parts of Tibet to witness this amazing festival.

Lithang Horse Racing Festival

Lithang Horse Racing Festival -Explore Tibet

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