Chongqing to Shigatse Flight

The best way to travel to Tibet from mainland China is by flight for those who have time constraint. There are many flights operated from mainland China to Lhasa, the capital City of Tibet Autonomous Region.

However, recently there has been a direct flight from Chongqing to Shigatse, four flights per week. Which is on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:25 am – 9:40 am for a duration of about 3h 15 min flight. It takes 2h 30 min flight back to Chongqing. The flight is operated by Western Airlines.

The Shigatse is the second biggest cities in Tibet after Lhasa. It is also one of the top tourist destination in Tibet.

There are other flights too, which has one or more stops and which takes 6-7 hours to reach Shigatse. Chongqing to Shigatse flight operated only from April to October due the rough winter in Tibet. Here are the flight details.

Airlines Departure-Arrival Duration
PN6449 Western Airlines 06:25 am (Chongqing) – 09:40 am (Shigatse) 3h 15m
PN6450 Western Airlines 10:20 am (Shigatse) -12:50 pm (Chongqing) 2h30m

This flight time table might change due to practical circumstances. You can contact us at [email protected] for further details of the flight.

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