Spring in Tibet - Tibet Travel Tip

The Giant Wheel near Kyichu river, Lhasa

Tibet’s weather in general can be dry and unpredictable any time of the year, mostly cold to an average tropical temperature. So, the winters are especially cold in any part of the plateau, and when winter comes to an end leaving everything pale and cold, spring sort of gives the year a life by the raising the temperature a bit from below-zero, slowing down the winter’s harsh wind a little and giving the dried up yellow gardens a bit more colours, the whole Lhasa city gets a little more livelier in all the way. It’s almost as if the whole plateau has been in a long and deep sleep the whole winter. The flowers start blooming at a smaller pace for the lack humidity and fertile soil, but manages to present a beauty of its own smaller paces, the hills around don’t have much to grow except for some weeds to give the hills a greener look than the yellow mounts rocks and dirt that it is. As for the climate, it will be pleasant most of the times, there will be a cool wind about all the time and there will be a couple snowfalls too if you want. If you are a tourist, you can’t apply for Tibet Travel Permit during March, but it will be worth the wait in April or any month till September.

Spring in Tibet - Tibet Travel Tip

Wild Scenario Along River Brahmaputra

Spring is joyous and beautiful in Tibet for every lifestyles, for e.g. for farmers, it’s soon time to harvest the hard work they have done all winter, for the herdsmen, the grasses become edible for their cattle and it’s the cattle’s breeding season for yaks and sheep, which means it’s the best season to them to increase their family income. The monasteries and most of the tourism spots will reopen for visitors too.

Have a joyous Spring in Tibet.