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Rongbuk Monastery with Mt. Everest in the background

Mt. Everest used to be only the dream of many travellers, put on the favourite destinations’ list and left unachieved. Now, that dream is only a Tibet tour away from being fulfilled just around Shegar in Tibet. Although Nepal has its own share of the peak, and you can skip the whole Tibet tour nonsense and have your own adventure from Nepalese side, but most travellers have always preferred the Tibetan part because of quite a number of reasons that makes all this nonsense a trip worth taking. And for many others travellers, Tibet is one of the places they tend to come back once again or more to satiate their unquenched thirst of Tibet travel experience.

Visiting Mt. Everest has become so accessible these with a road running all the way to the base camp, it provides the northern face of the highest peak. A hike to the Everest is cool, but moving at a slow pace should be strongly recommended, and don’t take the risk at all if you are feeling uneasiness at any level. Closest sight to the peak is Rongbuk Monastery, not very much known for its grandly structures or much, but it gives a splendid Tibetan flavour over the Everest’s photo.

As for the permits, adding to your usual Tibet Travel Permit, you will need an additional Aliens’ Travel Permit (ATP), but you needn’t worry about these, Explore Tibet will manage all that and your Tibetan tour guide will have it all the time with him/her. As for the itineraries, Explore Tibet has more than a few items for you to book your Tibet travel Experience; 8 Days EBC Exploration9 Days EBC Adventure & Namtso Lake Tour etc., visit Explore Tibet for more information.