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20160405-Martin-Tibet Tra 20160405-Martin-Tibet Tra

Name: Martin

Country: Germany

Itinerary: 6 Days EBC Tour

-Never a dull moment -Great insight about all facts of the trip (especially the cultural history of all the monasteries and landscapes). -Having said that, the itinerary was followed to the T (very fixed). It could have been more flexible and catere...
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20160408-Tobias-Tibet Tra 20160408-Tobias-Tibet Tra

Name: Tobias Klausa

Country: Germany

Itinerary: 6 Days EBC Tour

The tour was great, we learned a lot of about the history and the culture. We had great insight into the life of Tibetan people and a wonderful time with Namgyal and Ronnie...
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20160408-Fanny-Tibet Trav 20160408-Fanny-Tibet Trav

Name: Fanny and Patrizia Prochazka

Country: Canada / Austria

Itinerary: 8 Days EBC Tour

Apart from the well designed programme, I particularly enjoyed the stories told by the guides, the cute little tea houses for lunch (and cheese on the way) and the free time in the end of the days to visit more for those who have ambition. Another imp...
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20160408-Robert-Tibet Tra 20160408-Robert-Tibet Tra

Name: Robert

Country: Austria

Itinerary: 8 Days EBC Tour

Overall great, some remarks for improvement -2nd day in Lhasa, program could be more ambitious (e.g. guided walk through old town or visit small monasteries). -Still second day in Lhasa, I personally am not impressed of debating monks I still don't ...
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20160409-David-Tibet Trav 20160409-David-Tibet Trav

Name: David

Country: USA

Itinerary: 8 Days EBC Tour

Tashi was an amazing guide - his skill in relating the religions, cultural and historical importance of the sites we visited went beyond our expectations. He was very engaging, knowledgeable and easy to get along with. We also appreciate his patience...
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20150418-Kevin- Tibet Tra 20150418-Kevin- Tibet Tra

Name: Kevin

Country: Taiwan & Singapore

Itinerary: 8 Days EBC Tour`

Tibetan location (e.g. hotels) were very nice. A bit too much of monasteries, maybe we can include more of scenery and more of the history of Tibet, History of Buddhism. Lastly, maybe a preparation call/video call to prepare us for Tibet example inf...
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20160417-Chun Sin Chew-Ti 20160417-Chun Sin Chew-Ti

Name: Chun Sin Chew

Country: Australia

Itinerary: 8 Days EBC Tour

Great tour! Highlight of the trip is Gyaltsen's knowledge, he has answers to all our questions. He is very patient with us throughout the trip made sure that everyone's needs are accounted for. He is also very knowledgeable of giving us a good underst...
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20160418-Gillian-Tibet Tr 20160418-Gillian-Tibet Tr

Name: Gillian Devine

Country: Scottish

Itinerary: 8 Days EBC Tour

I had a fabulous time on the 8 Days EBC Exploration trip, it covered all the main monasteries, Gyaltsen was very knowledgeable about all of them. We got to spend time on our own at night which was also great as Gyaltsen and the lady from the Heritage ...
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20160418-Matt-Tibet Trave 20160418-Matt-Tibet Trave

Name: Matt

Country: Australia

Itinerary: 8 Days EBC Tour

Our tour guide Gyaltsen showed us a wonderful time in Tibet, he was full of knowledge, highly recommend this tour....
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