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In general, Tibet sounds a bit harsh for trekking with its high altitude and the unstable weather in Tibet all the time, but there is more to count the pros than the cons. The high altitude and the risk of having high-altitude sickness won’t be anything to hold you back once you take the first step, that would make the best for your journals and give you an even better experience of the mysterious landscapes and the wild plateau of Tibet.

The altitude along most of the trekking tours are at an average of 4,000 m, with the highest at 6,500 m but you run along perfectly if you get through your Tibet introduction days in Lhasa. When you set out for your hike, there will be your Tibetan tour guide and the Yak herdsman, they will be there for your every need and to serve you.

What you will witness along the hike is another thing to talk about and other worldly, the scenarios of endless mountain ranges and the heavenly holy lakes between them. The scenarios will make you gasp as you realize there still are some bits of heaven left on the earth, the feeling of being at peace and wanting to stay around a while longer to digest all that doesn’t wear off easily. When you Tibet trekking comes to an end, you might even get the feeling for being reborn and ready to face anything.

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About Tibet Trekking – Explore Tibet

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