8 Days EBC Exploration-Most Popular Tour In Tibet.

This Tibet tour is one of the most popular adventure tours in the world as its visitors cross the mighty Himalayas and view the panorama of the world’s highest peaks. Upon your arrival to the holy city of Lhasa, you will be greeted by the lovely blue sky and impressive glimpses of many monasteries. We will spend a couple of days in Lhasa, appreciating its prominent historical and religious sites like the breathtaking Potala Palace, divine Jokhang Temple, as well as the expansive Drepung and Sera monasteries. These first couple of days also tend to help many of our visitors recover from jet-lag. Before we embark on our journey into the Himalayan region, we will view the holy Yamdrok Lake, beautiful Karo la glaciers, mystical Gyantse Khubum stupa and the Tashi Lhunpo monastery. These sites will repeatedly stir you with astonishment and appreciation and will keep the trip memorable throughout our eight- day excursion. After seeing the gorgeous golden face of the sun as it reflects off the Mount Everest, we will drive to back to Lhasa. This is one of the most opted tour by the most of our clients because of its great adventures. You will able to explore all the main treasures of the Tibet with this tour and you can also have the opportunity to trek around the most highest Mountain of the world which is a dream for most of the nature lovers. Why people go for 8 Days EBC Exploration is because it’s worth spending and a perfect holiday destination for the travelers. How its feel to shout out loud in the open and fresh air on the top of the world? Its thrilling! It must be a great adventure and experience in your life. Once in your life you should go somewhere new and explore the things by your own because life is too short to struggle every single day and forget to do what you really adore to do. There is no next time, crop up yourself and step up to the top of the world and we assure you that its worth.