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ETG 0628 Stonislow ETG 0628 Stonislow

Name: Stonislow

Country: Germany

Itinerary: 6 Days Cultural Experiences

For me personally, I believe we could not wish better guide. His knowledge of Tibetan Buddhism and history. But also his professionality through out our Tour. He was always energetic and mad his best to feel us good. Most of the time he was...
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ET 0607 Kritchaa ET 0607 Kritchaa

Name: Kritchaa

Country: Thailand

Itinerary: 4 Days Lhasa Highlight Group Tour

Our guide is very good. He always taking care of us all the time and tried to find anything we need. Our driver is also helpful. It was a very nice trip with them. Thank you!...
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ET 0607DB   Pa ET 0607DB Pa

Name: Pa

Country: Thailand

Itinerary: 4 Days Lhasa Highlight Group Tour

For overall, I am very impressed with guide and driver. They are friendly and take care of our team very well. This trip is very nice, Thank you all....
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ETG2-0628 Silvia ETG2-0628 Silvia

Name: Silvia

Country: Spain

Itinerary: 8 Days Everest Base Camp Group Tour

Great and honest attitude which is appreciated. Always trying to make everyone feel comfortable and context and willing to help all our needs like medicines and veggie food . We would highly recommended....
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ETG1 0614 Egar ETG1 0614 Egar

Name: Egar

Country: Russia

Itinerary: 4 Days Lhasa Highlight Group Tour

Our guide Tsela is very knowledgeable and polite. We really enjoyed with our Tibet tour with Explore Tibet. Diver Tsewang is very polite and very comfortable drive. His car is very clean and he is very punctual. There is nothing to complain...
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20190409 – British 20190409 – British

Name: British

Country: England

Itinerary: 6 Days cultural Experiences

I really enjoyed having Gelek as a guide. He is a warm and friendly person. Also created a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for the tour. He was able to answer all practical questions and took us to some amazing local restaurants. His pace...
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20190409 – Carrie 20190409 – Carrie

Name: Carrie

Country: Australia

Itinerary: 10 days Easier Acclimatizing Tibet Group Tours

We had a very good and rich experience. The guide was energetic, flexible and gave us a great experience. In particular, it was valuable to get an insight into the life of Tibetans....
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20190422 -Mary Gibney 20190422 -Mary Gibney

Name: Mary Gibney

Country: Australia

Itinerary: 6 Days Cultural Experiences

Both Gelek and Amdo were always very punctual. They were very kind and helpful and really tried to meet our needs. Thank you Gelek and Amdo!...
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20190430 – Funika 20190430 – Funika

Name: Funika

Country: Japan

Itinerary: 4 Days Lhasa Highlight Group Tour

Thank you for the wonderful tour. I really enjoyed staying and traveling around Lhasa. Gelek is very kind and caring. He has deep knowledge of Tibetan Buddhism and Tibet as whole. The driver Ngawang is very friendly. I highly recommend Explo...
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