Itinerary:Kailash Tour
Tibet Travel Feedback

First of all, thank you for this amazing and extraordinary tour. I’m on my knees and can’t tell you how grateful I am for this very special tour. Sonam and Tsela had been a perfect … Read more “ETG04-903”

15 Days Kailash Tour

Itinerary:15 Days Kailash Tour
Mount Kailash Tour

This was indeed an extraordinary trip and having a Tibetan agency made all the difference in the world. From the first contact with Sherry and throughout the trip, I felt safe and confident. The immensity … Read more “15 Days Kailash Tour”


Itinerary:15 Days Mount Kailash Tour
Mount Kailash Tour

Both had a very friendly and helpful attitude. They made sure all our needs were met. Tsela was very knowledgeable and he answered all the questions very patiently and in detail.  Being with Tsela and … Read more “ETG04-0905”

Vivian Kigozi

Itinerary:Everest Base Camp Tour
tibet trip

I want to thank you and your company for making my trip to Tibet very memorable.  I will have a lot of fond memories of my visit.  I want to give a big thank you … Read more “Vivian Kigozi”

Vivian Kigozi


Itinerary:8 days Everest Base Camp Tour
Tibet tour

Namgyal and Nyima made our trip a pleasant journey. Whenever I’ve set problems they help to solve them. Both of them did a great job and we enjoyed our journey. Thank you!

Jucku and anthony

Itinerary:8 days Everest Base camp tour
Tibet Group tour

Namgyal and the diver made our trip a success: when we couldn’t stay in a homestay due to changing regulations but he immediately found the solution. Both of them did an excellent job!


XCZZQ5202  8 days EBC

Itinerary:8 Day Everest Base Camp tour
Tibet travel

Clearly knowledgeable and passionate about Tibetan culture, Namgyal gave us an insider look into Tibetan customs. Nyima was helpful, always ready to help with the luggage and the vehicle was clean and tidy. I usually get … Read more “XCZZQ5202  8 days EBC”