9 Important Tips for Travel Tibet With Small Kids


School Kids Group Photo In front of Potala Palace in Tibet

Some people don’t recommend bringing children to travel to Tibet because the climate and generally harsher conditions in Tibet may not be ideal for young children. Besides, kids are usually getting more tired during the journey, and the constant complaining about being uncomfortable will affect your tour experiences. Traveling with small children to Tibet has both fun and challenges, and children generally generate a lot of interest during the journey, so cherish it! Explore Tibet Team, a professional Tibetan travel agency, advises you on 9 important tips to travel to Tibet with kids.

Visit Tibet will refresh you and allows you to peek in the way of Tibetan living. Your kids will learn the meaning of respect and love, and especially a totally new culture and tradition that is practicing for centuries back.

Chris and his family trip to Tibet with Explore Tibet

Chris and his family trip to Tibet with Explore Tibet

  1. At what age are kids good to travel to Tibet.

According to our experiences, we don’t recommend take your kids to Tibet if he/she is younger than 4 years old, the reason is that kids below 4 have difficulty to express their problem with the altitude sickness verbally and if their lost appetite it may get worse the situation, also younger children their main organs are not yet fully developed. There is a greater chance of getting altitude sickness.

  1. The Altitude Sickness and prevention.

It is always good for your kids to have proper rest days before arriving in Tibet; when you arrived in Tibet. It is essential to take every easy and slow on the first couple of days to get acclimatized, keep warm, and try not to get a cold. They also drink plenty of water every day.

A shot of family at the Drepung monastery by Explore Tibet

A shot of the family at the Drepung monastery by Explore Tibet

  1. Well prepared, regularly used medicines and vitamins.

Make sure you have packed all the medicines or vitamins that your kids regularly use, as sometimes it is hard to find the right medicine in local pharmacies.

  1. How to choose the tour for the kids.

When you travel to Tibet with your kids, a private tour will be the best choice. You will have the full option to adjust the itinerary based on your family’s interests and situation. Having an itinerary with a shorter driving time is good for the kids. A long drive will make the kids boring, so short driving tours in and around Lhasa and Shigatse area is ideal for the kids.

Parents need to bring Children to a medical checkup and prepare some medication according to the advice of doctors’. Besides, It is essential to prepare the medication you need to take normally since the Tibet areas are very harsh and sometimes you cannot find the store nearby. To prevent altitude sickness, visitors should have a proper rest and avoid strenuous activities days before you get into Tibet.

Yamdrok lake view from the Gampa la Pass

Yamdrok lake view from the Gampa la Pass

  1. When is the best time to travel to Tibet with kids?

Tibet tours are very seasonal, and there are lots of Chinese tourists during the high season. Especially during the Chinese holidays, Tibet’s high season is from June to Aug. The most crowded Chinese holidays are the first week of May and the first week of Oct. So it is good to avoid these periods, which increase the tour cost and tourist crowds everywhere. Hence, the ideal dates for fewer crowds are in May and early June Sept. During these months, Tibet has a moderate climate and clear blue sky and then fewer tourist crowds.

  1. What clothes need to bring for the kids

People thought Tibet is cold and snowy, but actually, it is very sunny and warm in Tibet during the day. Still, there are big temperature differences during the night and morning, so a couple of warm jackets and pant is recommended.

If you are going to Shigatse and EBC or other higher region, then you need to bring windproof clothes and warm inners, for more detail of what clothes to bring, please contact our local travel expert at [email protected], we will send you full advice and recommendations.

  1. What to pack for the kids

Tibet is also known as the third pole of the earth, so it is the closest region to the sun, and solar radiation is extreme, so it is important to bring sunglasses and sun lotion for the kids. Also, long sleeve wears are best for protection from sunburn.

Family trip to Lhasa with small kids by Explore Tibet

Family trip to Lhasa with small kids by Explore Tibet

  1. Is it easy to recharge the kids’ electronic gadgets? 

All the hotels and restaurants in Tibet have power charging access. The Tibet tourist cars have the facilities to charge your electronic devices, so you can bring video games and Ipad to keep the kids enjoying even during the long drives.

  1. How to choose a local Tibet travel company to travel with kids.

There are hundreds of websites and blogs online that all simulate them as local Tibetan tour companies. Obviously, most of them are based outside Tibet and doesn’t have an office in Tibet, so finding a local Tibetan tour agency is crucial in case if you need to change the itinerary or need any other helps to adjust the trip by meeting face to face in Tibet, instead of emailing and waiting to hear and get responded with a long loop of communication among different people with whom you book the tour and who operate the tour.

Local Tibetan Travel Company Explore Tibet

Local Tibetan Travel Company – Explore Tibet

Travel is not always easy, especially to the world’s highest Himalayan plateau region, so treat your trip like one big adventure and cherish your experience of traveling with children. At the same time, planning the Tibet tour and enjoying the Tibet landscapes. It is always imperative to book with a local reliable Tibet tour company and make your Tibet tour worry-free. We are an agency based in Lhasa and a locally staffed travel company. If anything happens to your Tibet tour, our local Tibetan team will always be there for 24 hours and solve your problems on the spot.

If you don’t have any idea of the trip and need our specialized travel expert’s help, please feel free to drop us a few lines at [email protected].

You can also submit our Customized a Tibet Tour form online, and we will get back to you in 24 hours.

“Very pleased with the driver and Yongphel’s service. Our family had a great fun and kids enjoyed the trip very much, different culture and people, Explore Tibet has customized the best tour just for my family with perfect pace and sightseeing, we will definitely recommend to others too.” _____ Ritika on July 17th, 2017