6 Days Cultural Experience in Tibet.


Tibet tour is one of the most desiring and thrilling, and most foreigners have a huge and big desire to trip around these mountain regions of the Himalayan realm. As many travel agents based in Tibet offer several tours, one new tour has been discovered by Explore Tibet based on our experiences and as be investigated or contemplate wishes of our clients. We have introduced one new tour 6 Days cultural experience. 

Local Tibetan having their breakfast Tsampa

The amazing small group tour starts from the holy Lhasa city by appreciating its prominent and world heritage Potala Palace, sacred Jokhang temple, sprawling Sera, and Drepung monastery. Your arrival in the holy city will be greeted by the lovely blue sky and an impressive glimpse of the gigantic Potala palace perched on the red hill. Simultaneously, during a couple of days of acclimation and jet-lag alleviation, you will deeply overwhelm by visiting numbers of the world heritages. Supernatural temples, bustling streets around the Jokhang temple, are one of the most devotional streets known as Bakhor.

It will also extend the way to Gyantse and Shigatse in the west, experience the distinct culture of western(Tsang) Tibet, by driving along the stunning turquoise color lake Yamdrok and blooming Nyenchen Kangsar glacier under the sunny plateau climate, you will never waste every single minute by discovering new experiences and wonders on the way to Gyantse and Shigatse. Most importantly, you will get a chance to make many new friends among the group and share beautiful stories that enrich your travel to Tibet. On your way from Shigatse, you may take the recently opened express train with different experiences for the group tour.