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Now that the summer is fading slowly into chillier nights and not very convincingly warm days, the life that was rather active and happier filled with family picnics and colleague gatherings in the warm summer is slowing down, people are starting to settle themselves cozily in their homes in the evenings and tuck in whatever keeps them warm and resistant to the chilly wind that announces the arrival of winter.

Potala Palace after one of the few snowfalls it takes in Lhasa

Potala Palace after one of the few snowfalls it takes in Lhasa.

There should be autumn between this, but the temperature drops it takes a month between summer and autumn make it hard not to fear and prepare for the winter that follows, and ‘Winter is Coming’ is a much colder title. Though the winter might not be as freezing as I describe here in all hyperboles, I should feel responsible for preparing you if you are taking your Tibet trip in October or later.

But we could at least expect some good news how bad this winter in Tibet is going to be like the tour prices go back to that of during the early tourism season in April and May after October until the end of February, your Tibet tour gets more authentic in the winters with fewer tourists roaming around Lhasa and more pilgrimages from the remotest parts of Tibet which makes the best time for photography in Tibet. Truth be told, Tibet tours are best served cold.

Black-necked Crane

Black-necked Crane

To help you decide, there are some tips to choose your itineraries for your winter Tibet tour; first of all, Everest Base Camp and Ngari (Kailash) regions are not the best choices due to the extreme cold and windy weather, then, choose somewhere more plain like the Central Tibet Region around Lhasa, Shigatse, and Tsetang. However, Nyingtri isn’t so much as bad. Here are some tailor-made winter Tibet tour itineraries; 4 Days Lhasa Highlight, 6 Days Cultural Excursion, 10 Days Cultural and Spiritual Odyssey, etc. For more information, please take a peek at our website: Explore Tibet.

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