Why Winter Is Another Best Time To Travel Tibet


Tibetan plateau with average altitude of 4000m is known as the third pole of the earth or land of snows, because it was surrounded by some of most highest world mighty ranges and peaks of great Himalayan and trans-himalayan, during the winter months, from end of Dec to March, most of the peaks wearing beautiful snow coats, so many travelers thought it will be bitter cold in Tibet during these months and try to avoid travel Tibet during these period of time, but in reality it is not a true and actually it is another best time to experience real Tibet and its beauties. I think most of you may not believe at the beginning, but after you read my reasons you will surprise with these unveiled secrets.



1. Winter is the best season for local Tibetan pilgrims to travel and carry their spiritual activities, as during this time all the nomads and farmers are less busy and it became part of their tradition to travel during the winter months, therefore in Lhasa and around, you will experience very lively Tibet with purely locals.

Great Himalyan


2. Less tourist and less crowds, as many travelers avoid winter to travel Tibet, so there is no more tourist in Tibet and you have a great experience of travelling somewhere forbidden kingdom with full of wonders.



3. Cheaper but the same quality, as there are less tourists going there, so most of flights, trains, hotels and transportations are cheaper than rest of the year. So if you want to experience authentic Tibet and its cultural, then we would suggest you to select an appropriate Tibet winter tours and our local Tibetan guides are welcome to explore Tibet in a different way.

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