Why Tibet Tour is a Good Hunt for Photography

Most of our clients and to-be-clients urge to come to Tibet for many reasons and features Tibet offers. One of the top reasons is Photography. Every place and nation has its own unique culture, history, and architecture, but Tibet, as the roof of the world, has a unique landscape, weather, and a strange way of making you want to take your camera out and click a few, a few more and on.

tibet tour landscape

Landscape photography of Tibet

While on your Tibet tour, there are a lot more photographic moments than you expected to see (so, do not forget to bring more memory cards), from early morning dawns, through the open wide cloudless blue skies and endless landscapes of ranges, to the evening sun setting behind. There are more to shoot about Tibetan people and their lives, from wrinkly devout older people sitting in the sun with their mantra wheels to the red-cheeked innocent children playing in the streets.

tibet photography tour

Tibet photography tour

We have pointed out a few reminders for you;

  1. Take good precautions about your equipment from extreme temperature, windy and dusty environment, and UV ray exposure.
  2. Take much more memory cards (or films) than you usually take; you will be clicking a lot. And emergency battery substitutes.
  3. Take a portable tripod.
  4. While taking photos in monasteries or temples, mind “NO PHOTOS” signs.
  5. People believe that it is inauspicious to have their photo taken in some areas, so try asking for permission before you go ahead to avoid the annoyance and unnecessary troubles.
  6. Photography in Tibet is enjoyable on traditional Tibetan festivals.

Tibet photography

We have the best photography tour for your likes and interests; our local Tibetan guides know even better about the right places at the right time to photograph. But you can customize your own itinerary with the help of our travel agents. Book our 20 Days Photographic Tour, view more on Explore Tibet.