Who Says Winter Is Lack Of Passion-Explore Tibet.


Is winter’s wind pitching your skin and you are so frustrated because of cold?  Many people like winter because of her dissimilar beauty! And many people don’t like winter because the weather is always cold, chill, harsh, rough and temperature is keep below 0 Degree.Its characteristic of winter and you must try to appreciate her distinctive nature,only then you will love her unique feature. The most beautiful scene of winter is while snowing and actually it’s the beauty of winter. People who see snow every year won’t appreciate this beauty but places where snows never fall will deeply appreciate it and the beauty of the winter. Its commonly believe that winter is bleak and lack of passion. People tend to rest and refrain from doing anything. But I feel you can change this boring idea about winter and explore winter. Tibet is a perfect destination for you to visit during winter.Her beautiful landscapes and thick and bulky snows on the mountains will make you fall in love with nature deeper. What a marvelous view when you see the river became thick ice and watch people skating on it. A saying goes like this “The world is not lack of beauty but the lack of eyes to find the beauty” likewise the winter is not lack of passion but need you to discover. It’s beautiful and amazing to catch the first snowflakes on the world plateau and feel the fresh air and smell the fresh wind of winter.