Tso Ngopo-Blue Sea-Tibet.

Namtso lake

Tso Ngonpo is literally called as Blue Lake and one of the most sacred and holy lake in Tibet. Thousands of devotees visit this lake every year. Tso Ngonpo is located in the Qinghai region of Amdo.  Mongolian called it Kokonor and equally worship by the Mongolian.Tibetan people often circumambulate the lake on foot and it will take around 15 days to complete the pilgrimage and it will take around 8 days on horse.It appears as if this lake has occupied a very large area in Qinghai and she is beautifully stretching all around and its such a peaceful and relaxing site. You will see numbers of Tibetan pilgrimage from the different parts of Tibet. Its truly make you feel peace within. Tso Ngonpo is also a wild bird preservation site. There you will find bar-headed geese, gulls, terns and even sometimes black-necked crane on the island, and many other migrant species of birds can be seen in different season as the lake act as intermediate stop during the migration across Asia.

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