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Top Tibet travel destinations

If you are an adventurous traveler seeking an exotic destination with a rich cultural heritage and mesmerizing natural beauty, Tibet should be on top of your list. Home to one of the oldest civilizations of the world, Tibet is located in the heart of the Himalayas, on the plateau where snowlines, picturesque valleys, and mighty rivers meet. It is one of the most mysterious places in the world, where visitors can explore the timeless culture and majestic beauty of nature. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the top Tibet travel destinations you should visit on your next journey.

Tibet's top destination

Mount Everest in Tibet


The most popular destination in Tibet and the spiritual capital of Tibetans, Lhasa is known for its spectacular monasteries, beautiful landscape of the Himalayas, ancient monuments, and holy sites. Historical sites such as the Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple are the largest attraction. Potala Palace and Norbulingka are some of the most famous examples of Tibetan architecture.


Tibet’s capital city, Lhasa

  1. Potala Palace: This magnificent palace is one of Tibet’s most iconic landmarks and a must-see when visiting Lhasa. It was once the residence of the Dalai Lama and a major center of Tibetan Buddhism.


  1. Jokhang Temple: Built over 1,300 years ago, the Jokhang Temple boasts its intricate architecture, vibrant interiors, and an array of religious artifacts.


  1. Barkhor Street: This ancient street is one of the best places to get a taste of local life during your trip to Tibet. It is lined with pilgrims, small shops, and a whole array of Buddhist trinkets and souvenirs.


  1. Drepung Monastery: Drepung is among the largest and most important monasteries in Tibet. It is situated atop a hill and offers some great views of bustling Lhasa city.


  1. Sera Monastery: Sera Monastery is one of the most intact monasteries in Tibet and is also home to a thriving community of resident Buddhist monks. It is a great place to witness the daily activities of a Buddhist monastery.


Besides that, Lhasa has plenty of shopping, restaurants, banks, and hotels.

How to get to Tibet?

Mount Everest:

Everest is the highest peak in the world, standing majestically with an elevation of 8,848 meters (29,029 feet). Seeing this great mountain is something that any traveler should experience in his/her lifetime. Mount Everest Base Camp is a popular destination located at an altitude of 5,200 meters (17,060 feet), where unlimited snow and blue skies will greet you. Trekking to the base camp is one of the most popular activities on Everest.


1. Khumbu Icefall: The Khumbu Icefall is the most impressive natural feature of the Everest Base Camp trek. Towering glaciers, huge crevasses, and seracs make this a truly memorable experience.


2. Kala Patthar: Kala Patthar is a popular viewpoint near Everest Base Camp and stands at 5,545 meters(18,192 feet). The peak provides breathtaking views of the Himalayan Range and Mount Everest, making this a must-see for any traveler to Tibet.


3. Everest Base Camp: The iconic Everest Base Camp sits at an altitude of 5,360 meters (17,590 feet). Here, you can get a close-up view of Everest, Ama Dablam, the Khumbu Glacier, and the western lobe of the Khumbu Icefall.

Mount Everest

Mount Everest

4. Tibetan Monasteries: During a Tibet travel experience, you will have the opportunity to visit various Buddhist monasteries. Explore the ancient monasteries of Thyangboche, Rongbuk, and Tashidang, as well as the stunning Namgyal Monastery near the base of Mount Everest.


5. Sherpa Villages: Trekking to the Everest Base Camp takes you through Sherpa villages like Phortse, Khumjung, and Dingboche. Admire the traditional Tibetan-style homes and take a detour to explore the famous Sherpa markets and explore the local culture and customs.

Namtso Lake in Tibet

Namtso Lake in Tibet

 Namtso Lake:

Namtso Lake is one of the highest-altitude lakes in the world, located at an elevation of 4,718 meters (15,476 feet). The crystal blue lake and picturesque environment provide a stunning backdrop to the stunning view of the Himalayas.

It’s the best spot to enjoy a camp under the starry sky and meet friendly nomads. Besides that, Namtso Lake has hot springs, monasteries, and numerous hiking trails that make it an incredibly popular destination for travelers.

  1. Relax in the natural beauty of Namtso Lake: Namtso Lake is one of the most impressive bodies of water in Tibet, and it’s well worth taking the time to wander along the shoreline and take in the expansive views.


  1. Explore the nearby monastery and medicinal hot springs: Tsedang Monastery lies just a short distance from the lake’s shoreline, while hot springs a few miles away are said to have healing properties.


  1. Climb the nearby Mount Nyenchen Tanglha: Mount Nyenchen Tanglha is one of Tibet’s highest peaks and offers breathtaking views of Namtso Lake from above.


  1. Photograph the stunning sunsets and sunrises: The best time to experience the lake is early in the morning or during sunset, when its placid waters will be cast in the most gorgeous colors you could imagine.


  1. Visit the Nomad Camps on the lake’s shore: Many Tibetan nomads set up temporary camps on Namtso Lake’s open shores. This is a great opportunity to closely observe and interact with Tibetan nomads as they go about their everyday life.
Shigatse Tour

Tashilhunpo Monastery in Shigatse


The second largest city in Tibet and the center of culture, law, and trade, Shigatse is the home of the Panchen Lama, one of the most important spiritual leaders of Tibet. Shigatse is popular for its Tashilhunpo Monastery, an astounding monument built in the 15th century and home to the world’s giant statue of the Maitreya Buddha. Besides that, there are plenty of ancient ruins and historical sites to explore, and the market provides a chance to sample Tibetan culture.



  1. Tashi Lhunpo Monastery: Built in the 15th century and initially in the form of a stupa, the Tashi Lhunpo Monastery is one of the must-see places when in Tibet. This sacred site of Tibetan Buddhism holds the Tombs of successive Panchen Lamas, i.e. the second-highest figure of Tibetan vidya.


  1. Palcho Monastery: Located at the foot of Dzong Hill, the Palcho Monastery is one of the oldest and largest monasteries in Tibet. It dates back to the 15th century and is considered one of the “Main Three” Gelug monasteries of Tibet. This place is marked with beautiful sculptures and colorful murals that showcase the art and culture of Tibet.


  1. The New Palace of the Panchen Lama: Also known as Tashi Lhunpo Monastery, this palace of the Panchen Lama was constructed in the mid-19th century. This palace is a fabulous site for its grandiose architecture and brilliant murals. The palace houses many old artifacts and scriptures which are a must-see in Shigatse.


  1. Tour of Mt. Everest: Shigatse is the first stop for a tour of Mt. Everest, being the closest point from where visitors can get great views of this majestic beauty. The tour of Mt. Everest will take visitors through rolling hills and ancient villages as they make their way to the stunning views of this massive mountain.


  1. Shalu Monastery: Built-in 1087, the Shalu Monastery is a must-see place in Shigatse. A peaceful and quaint place, Shalu Monastery houses some extraordinary religious artifacts, unique murals, and a library of rare Buddhist scriptures. Visiting this place will surely give visitors an insight into the true color of Tibetan culture and tradition.
Tsedang Tibet

First Palace in Tibet- Yumbu Lhakhang

The Yarlung Valley:

The Yarlung Valley is located at an altitude of 5,000 meters (16,400 feet) and is known for its vast natural beauty. It’s the birthplace of Tibetan culture, housing some of the oldest monasteries, artifacts, and traditional houses in the region. Taking a long-distance bus from Shigatse to Yarlung Valley is one of the best ways to explore the valley and its beauty. The valley is also the best place to practice outdoor activities such as camping, rafting, and rock climbing.


Yarlung Valley, located in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China, offers travelers a wealth of activities and attractions to explore. Among the most popular things to do in Yarlung Valley are visiting seasonal festivals, wildlife watching, trekking and rafting, and checking out the beautiful scenery along the Yarlung Tsangpo River.


  1. Attending Festivals: Yearly festivals in the Yarlung Valley are an amazing way to get a glimpse of Tibetan culture. From January to April, the popular Saga Dawa Festival is celebrated each year and features a multitude of music, dance, and religious rituals.


  1. Wildlife Watching: Yarlung Valley, due to its unique alpine and subtropical climates, is home to a diverse array of animal species. Keep an eye out for blue sheep, musk deer, snow leopards, and Himalayan black bears while exploring the valley’s foothills.


  1. Trekking and Rafting: With its winding paths and rivers, trekking and rafting in Yarlung Valley is a must-do. From the sacred pilgrimage site of the Yalong Monastery to the stunning Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon, the sights and experiences along the journey are breathtaking and memorable.


  1. Viewing the Scenery: The Yarlung Valley is steeped in stunning natural beauty, from its white sand beaches to its sensational mountain peaks. Don’t forget to pack your camera to capture the view of snow-capped mountains overlooking the valley, or a vibrant sunset across the Yarlung Tsangpo River.


  1. Visiting Ancient Tibetan civilization: There is the first Tibetan Palace, monastery, village, and farm fields. It was the heart of the Yarlung dynasty.



Located between Lhasa and Shigatse, Gyantse is one of the most beautiful cities in Tibet. It’s the place where you can experience the traditional Tibetan culture and lifestyle. Gyantse is home to some of the oldest monasteries, including the Kumbum Stupa and Palkhor Monastery. Further, it has some of the best trekking routes in the region, offering breathtaking views of the beautiful nature.

Pelkor Stupa in Gyatse

Kumbum Stupa in Gyantse

Gyantse is a small town located in Tibet, known for its traditional culture and magnificent views. Located near Mt. Kailash and near the famous Yarlung Tsangpo River, Gyantse offers some of the most breathtaking views and experiences in Tibet.

Here are some of the must-see attractions in Gyantse:


  1. Gyantse Dzong – A majestic 12th-century fort located high on a hill overlooking Gyantse Valley, Gyantse Dzong is an impressive feat of Tibetan architecture. Constructed by Tibetan Buddhist lamas, its towering walls offer protection and a view of the surrounding area.


  1. Kumbum Stupa – This iconic Tibetan Buddhist temple is a large white dome with a golden spire. Inside its walls, you will find several chapels and three-dimensional mandalas. It is said to contain 108 small chapels and is decorated with intricate murals.


  1. Kumbum Thekchen Ringmo Monastery – This unique monastery is home to several monks and was once the home of the Kumbum Rinpoche, the spiritual head of the Gelukpa sect of Tibetan Buddhism. Admire the colorful murals, Buddhism artifacts, and thangka masterpieces.


  1. Palcho Monastery – Founded in 1418, Palcho Monastery is a holy site for pilgrims and devoted Buddhists. The site is filled with stunning architecture, colorful statues, and a mesmerizing array of shrines, meditation shrines, and ancient scripture.


  1. Karo Monastery – A historic building, Karo Monastery is home to many unique artifacts, such as finely crafted sculptures and murals. It was once the home of the sixth Dalai Lama, who wrote the “Graver of Karo” here. Visit to feel the true spiritual atmosphere!
Gyantse town

Gyantse town in Tibet

Lake Yamdrok:

Lake Yamdrok (“King of the Lakes”) is a beautiful high-altitude lake located in a stunning mountain valley near Lhasa. This holy site is known for the traditional Tibetan pilgrimage around its shore. Besides that, there are various activities, such as yak riding and visit to nomad camps, nearby. Furthermore, visitors can also try local specialties such as famous yak cheese and butter tea.

Yamdrok lake in winter

Yamdrok Lake in winter

  1. Hike around Yamdrok Lake and explore the spectacular views.
  2. Learn about the cultural history and traditions of the Tibetan people.
  3. Take a boat tour of Yamdrok Lake to get up close to the stunning scenery.
  4. Go horseback riding and explore the surrounding grasslands and forests.
  5. Take a tour of the traditional Tibetan villages near Yamdrok Lake.
  6. Enjoy some local Tibetan delicacies and dishes.
  7. Visit the sacred sites of Yamdrok Lake such as the Drak Yerpa hermitage and the Pilgrimage circuit of Yamdrok.
  8.  Enjoy a spectacular view of stunning high-altitude Himalayan peaks from Yamdrok Lake.
  9.  Shop for souvenirs and other interesting items at the many local markets.


Overland journey to Tibet

In conclusion, Tibet is a unique destination for adventurous travelers and offers pristine beauty and splendid culture to explore. All the destinations we have mentioned are must-visit places in Tibet if you want to experience its grandeur and beauty.  If you’re planning a trip to Tibet, then don’t forget to visit these amazing places and create beautiful memories.