Top 5 Destinations in Tibet

Your Tibet tour is defined by what your destinations look like for the time you have planned. If you have planned more than a week, you can choose the important sites with other smaller subs sites or even some off-beaten path trips. But if your stay is a week or less, you have to plan your itinerary very carefully and cover as many big sites as you can because you don’t have the luxury of moving around lazily and stopping at every nook. So, we have given a list of the most important sites to ease down your Tibet tour preparations.

Mount Kailash comes on the top, west of Tibet at over 4,500 m altitude, one of Asia’s remotest areas, vast and thinly populated. Billions of Buddhists and Hindus worship it. But its location makes it hard to cope with in a week’s itinerary, so you might want to plan are longer trip if you are planning to visit Mt. Kailash.

Then Potala Palace boasts on the second. The palace is as old as Lhasa city itself. Built on a hill in the center of

A Beat of Lhasa

A Beat of Lhasa

the city is the biggest museum in Tibet, with history reeking off it. The palace will probably be on the first day of your itinerary.

Jokhang Temple and Barkhor Street come on the third, the temple was built by the 33rd king of Yarlung Dynasty, Songtsen Gampo, the same king that began the construction of Potala Palace. The street around it is called Barkhor Street; pilgrims use the street’s path to circumambulate the temple. And the street is one of the busiest and most locale places in Lhasa.

Mt. Everest, the highest peak in the world, comes next. It’s mainly dedicated to foreign tourists and fewer Chinese because the peak doesn’t hold strong spiritual values to Tibetans. The best time to visit there would be from April to September.

The fifth is the oldest and the first-ever Buddhist monastery built in Tibet; Samye Monastery, built by the 38th king Trisong Detsen. It’s near Tsetang, a thoroughly Chinese city about 183 km southeast of Lhasa.

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Barkhor Street

Barkhor Street

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