Tibetans Prostration Is The World Longest Pilgrimage


Lhasa is the capital of Tibet and it is also known as the Land of Gods, where locals consider as a holy place with full of Buddhist temples and monasteries, Buddhism is originated from India and then later in 7th century, it was gradually rooted on the Tibetan plateau, now most of the Tibetans are practicing Buddhism and Tibetan culture is also very much connected with Buddhism practices.


Winter on the Tibetan plateau is bit cold and for Tibetans it is the best season to travel around and make their pilgrimages, and many of them choose a special way of pilgrimage, they prostrate for hundreds of miles and spend months on the way, this is one of most special way of pilgrimage that you can only see in Tibet and it is also known as the world longest pilgrimage, not only because of the distances that they traveled but strength and miracles behind this spirituality.

May be some of you not knowing what is prostration, it is like measuring the distance with your body height in horizontal, just lay down on the ground and put a mark on where your hands reach, then in the next your foot stand on the mark and repeat the same, so repeat this all the way for hundreds of miles and for months.

So if you travel Tibet during the winter months, you will get great chances to meet with their travelers and share


Tibetan monks from Kham region, on their way to Tagong


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