Tibetan Women-Divine And Generous Heart.


Women hold an important position in every society and so does in Tibet. Tibetan women are very reserved,shy,timid and modest.Many western women are much more civilized ,open and would fight for what she wants and deserves in her life. But Tibetan women are little different from them.They literally sacrifice their entire life for her husband or her family. She would normally put herself aside(or second) and complete what her husband or child needs. Almost every household chores are her duty for her this life time,no complaint would she make but willing accept the duty as if its mandatory for a woman.  Women have traditionally occupied a strong position in Tibetan society,often holding the family purse strings and running business like shops and guesthouses.Many road workers you see across the plateau are women. In the old times a Tibetan woman married to the eldest son of a family, she also married his younger brothers aimed at easing the inheritance of the family property and avoiding the break up of small plots. The children of such marriages referred to all the brothers as their father. This practice is still exist in the Tibetan community but very lessHow amazing and heart touching sacrifice a woman made for the family? She is truly a divine and generous as we think deep. Tibetan women are incredible though they appears dusty,messy and shabby in nature. She holds a gold in her heart!

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