Tibetan Monasteries had donated to Wuhan Crisis

Tibetan monasteries in the Tibetan Autonomous Region, Qinghai province, and Yunnan province had gathered a donation to support Wuhan Crisis. 

Ramoche Monastery in Lhasa, Tibet.

The Three Great Monastery of Tibet; Sera monastery, Drepung monastery and Garden monastery in Tibetan Autonomous Region.  Tashi Lhunpo monastery, Tsephu monastery, Gyume monastery, Jokhang Temple, Ramoche Monastery, Drak Yarpa monastery, and Kundunling monastery have also participated for the donation. 

The monasteries of Qinghai Province are the Khumbum monastery, the Jachung monastery, the Lutsang monastery, and the Tsonga monastery.

Kumbum Monastery in Qinghai Province has given 1million RMB to Wuhan Crisis.

Gaden Sumtseling monastery in Yunnan Dechen Tibetan prefecture had given a donation to the crisis.

Gaden Monastery in Lhasa, Tibet.

Here is the sum of money that donated by respective monasteries:

Name of the monastery Total amount
Gaden monastery 3,82,900 RMB
Drepung monastery 3,53,032 RMB
Sera monastery 3,00,000 RMB
Tashi Lhunpo monastery 7,09,083 RMB
Kunden Ling monastery 1,71,800 RMB
Jokhang Temple 2,86,750 RMB
Ramoche Temple 1,98,400 RMB
Gyume Monastery 1,17,500 RMB
Drak Yarpa Monastery 1,17,051 RMB
Tserphu Monastery 1,61,260 RMB
Kumbum Monastery 10,00,000 RMB
Jakhung monastery 50,000 RMB
Lhutsang monastery 61,498 RMB
Tsongka Monastery 1,00,000 RMB
Wayan Monastery 15,050 RMB
Dechen Gaden Sumtseling 10,00,000 RMB
Dechen Gaden Sumtseling donated 1million RMB to the Wuhan Crisis.