Tibet Winter Tour-Explore Tibet.


Have you traveled to Tibet during the winter? So many people think that it will be crazy to travel in Tibet during the winter. Just because they are scared of coldness. But in reality, Tibet is not deadly cold as you think. In fact, Lhasa is warmer than Beijing. Tibet is in the temperate continental climate is semi-humid to semi-arid transition zone with the annual average daily temperature of 8 degrees Celsius.If you are a photographer who want to catch the snow-covered landscape or cultural oriented travelers, then winter is the best time for you. With blue sky and mountains covered with white flowers of snow that give you an amazing view of Tibet.Also it is the best time for the Tibetans in the remote areas to go to Lhasa for the pilgrimage. During this time, Lhasa will be filled with locals, and you can experience the most Tibetan authentic traditions and cultures.For the travelers, the tour cost will be more reasonable even you are a single traveler, due to the low tourism season in Tibet. The cost of the all the expenditure for your trip will be cheaper, as the cost for the transportation fees and the accommodation fees will be much lesser.

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