Tibet trekking tour

Tibet Trekking Tour: Karma Gorge Trekking

About Karma Gorge

Karma Gorge is the most stunning and least visited face of Mt. Everest’s east side, this trekking path is in Chuthang town in Tibet. In the past, there were some mountaineers who tried to climb the eastern side of Mount Everest but mostly climbed from the north and south side of Everest.

Imagine hiking and camping in untouched valleys surrounded by magnificent alpine forests, lakes, and the world’s highest peaks Everest, 8848m, Lhotse, 8501m, Lhotse Shar, 8382m and Makalu, 8463m. Besides these three giant snow mountains, there are also many fabulous lakes and all types of wildflowers and bushes. The place is very unique and peaceful with fabulous scenery. The land is like magic it will simply keep your eye and mouth open and wonder about the beauty.

There is also a 7000m height mountain called Chomo Lhazom, till now no one has climbed this mountain even though it’s the second highest 7000 height mountain in Tibet. The trekking path is full of surprises, one minute it’s all snow, and then the next minutes it’s a lush jungle of pines and crystal clear rivers and lakes, and the wide range of wildflowers just like heaven.


This trekking path is also a must-visit destination for photographers, here you find everything that you have dreamed of; the highest mountain in the world, Everest, and other three 8000m height snow mountains and the Himalayas range. also the Milky Way, sun rise and sun set, forest, lakes, rivers, nature, wildflowers and you name it, and it’s there.

Tibet trekking tour



Pick up from the airport and take you to the hotel. In the evening there will be an open ceremony of the trekking festival with a welcome dinner.


Today we will visit the mountain museum, there you will see lots of things which are related to Mt. Everest and the Himalayan range. We will also do rock climbing and in the afternoon we are going to a nomad’s land where we will experience how to milk and then make butter and cheese with our own hands. We spend the night camping with nomads.


Right after breakfast, we will head to Shigatse, which is the home of Panchen Lama where his monastery Tashi Lunpo is. The road will be smooth and comfortable.


After breakfast, we start our journey to Chutang town; we will pass through farmers and long rivers. In summer there are many wildflowers and wild animals which we can see on the way. We camp near Chutang town or stay at the hotel for the night.

Tibet trekking tour

Tibet trekking tour


Today we start our 1st day of trekking and we trek around 6 hours. It will be pleasant trekking as the scenarios are so refreshing and beautiful, you will feel nature so close to you that it will make your worries go away. We camp for the night near the small lake called Shawutso.


Today’s trekking will be unforgettable and much more beautiful than yesterday so we start our trekking right after breakfast, we will see many different kinds of wildflowers and bushes. There are also nomads with their Yaks. We will trek for 7-8 hours and camp at Zogsham.


Right after breakfast, we start another beautiful walk through the forest for half an hour and then walk through breathtaking scenarios like bushes and wildflowers. This trekking will take around 7-8 hours and on the way you can see the Himalayan region which includes Mount Lunzu Langma and Mount Makalu and the forest. For the night we camp at Thangsham.


Right after breakfast, we start another beautiful walk through the spectacular scenarios, We will see the 3 over 8000m height Mountains in the world; such as Mt. Everest, Mt Makalu, and Mt Lhotse. We will camp at the Tsoshugrima.


Here at Tsoshugrima, it’s worth staying one extra day as nature is fantastic and at this point, you will see the 3 over 8000m height Mountains in the world. So when you reach here it’s a shame not to spend one extra day exploring the mountains and nature.


Today is our last trekking day, we will trek for around 7 hours and after passing Langmala, our vehicle will pick us up, and will be having lunch at Chutang town then head to Tingri and spend the night at the hotel.

Tibet trekking tour

Tibet trekking tour


Right after breakfast, we will head to Shigatse. Shigatse which is the second largest city in Tibet. It’s also the hometown of Panchen Lama. We will be visiting the famous Tashilumpo Monastery and spend the night there.


After early breakfast, we will head back to Lhasa, on the way we will see the snow mountain caped Mt. Nyenchen Kangsang in the distance followed by the turquoise-colored Lake Yamdrok Yumtso and Karola glacier. We will come across some wild animals and the beauty of the landscape scenarios will simply live you in peace and filled you with energy. We have our dinner in Lhasa and then take you to the hotel.


After breakfast, we check out from the hotel and then send to the train station/ airport.


Tibet trekking tour

Tibet trekking tour

Price and Date

           Prices: 13000RMB per person

          Trekking Date: 26th Sept 2023

Price included

01: Trekking Leader; Professional Everest Mountain guides and trekking and camping. Very well experienced in trekking and camping and know in and out of the trekking area. Knows about first aid and altitude sickness and rescue.
02: Entry tickets to the sites listed on the itinerary
03:Guide fee, Well experienced Guide who speaks good English, Chinese, and Tibetan.
04: Permit fee, travel permit entry permit
05: Food (Breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
06: Cook fee; cooks good European food, Chinese food, and Tibetan cook.
07: Hotel 3-star to 4-star hotels but if anyone requests for single rooms then an extra 270RMB per night.
08: Vehicle; a comfortable travel car
09: Trekking transport; Yak and yak man transport fee
10: Cooking equipment
11: Tents; Sleeping tents.
Dinning tents, Kitchen tents
12: Generator for electricity
13: Fruits and Drinking water

Tibet Trekking Tour
Price excludes

1) clothing and snacks food
2) Transport from and to Lhasa from your country
3) Health and Personal Insurance
4) Personal expenses
5) Due to health you have to return or personal work you have to return then you will have to pay your transport and medical fee

6) Horse; if anyone needs a horse during the trekking then have to let us know and we will help you to hire one.

7) if you stay extra days in Lhasa then you will have to pay a guide fee and entry ticket